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Comment: Re:Redhat/CentOS is no substitute for Ubuntu deskt (Score 3, Informative) 186

by tchuladdiass (#45894119) Attached to: Red Hat To Help Develop CentOS

RHEL 7 Beta is based off Fedora 19, with a 3.10 kernel. Usually their beta cycles run about 6 months. Oh, and they heavily backport to their stable kernel (it is "stable", not meaning crashes less, but referring too the fact that the API/ABI doesn't change when they release updates).

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by tchuladdiass (#45861301) Attached to: Isaac Asimov's 50-Year-Old Prediction For 2014 Is Viral and Wrong

Other than the not having to work part, we really do live like kings. We get to sit in a seat to be transported from place to place, our homes are heated and cooled, running hot water, plumbing, non-rancid food, quite a bit of food actually, we can pull up music and other entertainment on demand, and have great libraries at our disposal. The list goes on -- most royalty a couple centuries back didn't have it this good.

Comment: Re:How close? Within WiFi range? (Score 2, Interesting) 285

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Personally, I've started syncing my files to a USB hard drive running off a Beagle Bone, via wifi, that sits in my vehicle. It syncs at night after I pull in. Now there is the possibility that the house will burn down, take my vehicle in the garage with it, but I figure I'm covered for a large part of the time when I'm at work (since my car is with me then).

Comment: Re:like that works (Score 2) 545

Well here's a strange thought. If you don't have enough daylight after work, how about going to work an hour early, and getting out an hour early? Nothing really gets done early or late in the work day anyway, so co-ordinating with others' time in the office shouldn't bee that big of a deal (as long as everyone is there during a core 5-hour period).

Comment: Talent is 90% desire (Score 4, Insightful) 251

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I believe that for the most part, people don't have a "natural" talent for what they are good at -- instead, they have a strong desire for it, which makes the many hours of work they put in seem more like fun than work. In order to be good, you have to put in many hours (4 hours a day, for 10 years) of progressive practice -- constantly working at the edge of your current skill, and pushing that edge slowly forward. It is that way with programming, math, music, art, etc. But to dedicate 10,000 hours, you have to be able to somewhat enjoy what you are doing, or you will give up.

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That is one thing that really gets under my skin -- when I am visiting with someone (i.e., I took the effort to go over to their space, whether it is a co-worker's office, or visiting with family), and their phone rings. No matter what we're in the middle of talking about, that phone call always gets priority.

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Many ISPs will give you the same DHCP address if it sees the same MAC address. Often times the only way to get a different IP is to change your MAC.

However, if you are going through a home router, you have to change the MAC that the router advertises on the Internet side. Hopefully that's what he's doing. Some routers will also have the option of cloning your PC's MAC address for the Internet side.

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I had problems initially with the adapter that came with my Nokia phone -- it was labeled as 1.5 amp. Got a bunch of errors on boot if a keyboard, mouse, and ethernet were all plugged in. Then I switched to the adapter that came with my Samsung galaxy nexus -- rock solid.

What I'd like to know, for anyone else having problems, does switching to a "known good" power source help? And what other good power sources are there that are readily available (such as maybe one of the Apple usb chargers)?

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