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Comment Re:"It's the curriculum, stupid" -- 3 years at HTH (Score 1) 146

I guess I see the fundamental need of exactly what you're saying; even the teachers and administrators needed to go to school to learn how to be teachers and administrators. You could, in a sense, presume that the labor pool in that spot was bad for the academic "essense" and in the very same stroke giving breath to the doomed idea of thinking teachers could teach students when the teachers themselves were students. All in all, I'd blame it on the staffers. Who staffed those freakin' idiots anyhow? Where the accountability for that person? In my book, it would benefit all to seek independent evaluation of curriculum, budget and staff and fire all of the root administrators in the system, start over. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I mean, jeez, the scenario you presented here was so pittiful and egregious that I haven't even heard of a public school being that bad in Arkansas or Kentucky.

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