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Comment: Re: Worst idea ever. (Well, one of them). (Score 2) 168

by tbuskey (#48851397) Attached to: FDA Approves Implantable Vagus Nerve Disruptor For Weight Loss

As someone else who has been depressed, when the SSRI start working (& it can take 6 weeks IFF they work) you have energy and the ability to act that you didn't before.

I wasn't suicidal during my depression and that did not change. It didn't change any of the times I had to switch medications (you have to taper off and go through depression before you start the next).

I put my energies into things I wanted to do but couldn't with the depression. If I had been suicidal, maybe I would've tried.

Instead I did the things I had enjoyed before. With the depression, it wasn't possible to enjoy those things. I even questioned if I had ever enjoyed them.

Comment: Re: Be Concerned About More than Computer Hack (Score 1) 52

by tbuskey (#48832645) Attached to: Cyber Attacks Demonstrated On Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Most of us learned to ignore car alarms.

In college, our dorm was next to the parking lot. One night, some car alarm malfunctioned & went off with a the car horn on continuously. It woke us up at 2am. After 20 minutes we went out to try to shut it off. We were not willing to break things & couldn't pop the hood to disconnect the batt. So we tried to go to sleep. 2 hours later, the horn's 2nd tone stopped. In 20 minutes it was quiet as the battery died & we cheered.

Now the owner had a dead battery & a dorm of students pissed at them. We could have done anything to that car w/o the owner knowing until morning.

Nobody does car alarms like that anymore.

Comment: Solaris smf (Score 1) 928

by tbuskey (#48281373) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

I went through the Solaris 10 transition to SMF.
  I don't think it was stable until 10.4. You can still create new init.d stuff.

Systems feels similar, but it is more stable (in RHEL 7). The man pages are useful.

I find the upstart man pages in useful. Why doesn't the upstart page reference
stop, start, etc?

Now if they require us to use network manager instead of sysconfig/network-scripts..

Comment: Re:Almost always yes, with a but (Score 4, Insightful) 263

by tbuskey (#46344577) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?

If you're not happy/satisfied at the current job, you have a reason to change. If you dread going in on a regular basis, you need to change something.

I recently left a place where the work was ok, I liked my coworkers, but I dreaded going in. I'd procrastinate because management would change my tasks behind the scenes or create situations that created more work to little benefit. I had little say in decisions and was discouraged from trying. My new job puts me on truly cutting edge, I get great feedback from management with lots of input and I'm working much harder.

I also find I'm eating better and feel healthier. And as a result of my 2 month job search, I know how much my skills are in demand. If this job doesn't last, I'm not worried about getting another. My skills will be much higher. They were stagnating in mundane tech before.

Comment: Re:Jump The Shark (Score 1) 128

by tbuskey (#46133713) Attached to: Where Old Hard Disks (with Digital Secrets) Go To Die

Exactly this. When the firmware automatically substitutes good sectors to replace bad sectors, you can't erase the bad. If there was sensitive data on that bad sector, you can no longer get to it to erase it unless you use a vendor (and model) specific program. Even if you have software for every drive, it will take far more time and labor to erase all the data. A shedder does it in minutes. You can't even spin a drive up that fast.

If your data is less sensitive that a sector being exposed is ok, use those general purpose wipers like dban. I think my home drives are ok (I know what data was on them and encrypted sensitive data). Work drives, not so much and shedding is less labor anyways.

Comment: Neat toy (Score 2) 246

by tbuskey (#45451909) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Hits the 2 Million Mark

Remote wifi temperature sensor. I have an existing 1-wire temp sensor net & wanted to put something in the greenhouse w/o running a wire. I just needed to add a cheap wifi dongle and it just worked. I took a small $ risk and almost no time. If I was doing 10-20, there are cheaper solutions for more time spent, but I think I got a good value.

Since then, I played with RiscOS on it. I'm now playing with it as a thin client that someone built. I'm also going to play with Plex on it. Maybe I'll play with Plan 9 on it.

The first task could probably be done on on any of the other ARM boards that run Linux. The others tasks might work on other boards, but people are building and optimizing for the RPi.

All these ARM and microcontroller boards are fantastic. RPi made the others hit the under $40 price point. It reminds me of the days of Apple vs C64 vs Atari vs IBM and I hope they stick around.

Comment: Re:Conserver is your answer (Score 1) 104

by tbuskey (#45363719) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Tools For Managing Multiple Serial Console Servers?

Conserver is great. I've used it to monitor Linux consoles after boot (via grub handoff to serial console). Serial consoles are cheaper per port then KVM port and you have a log you can grep.

I've also used it to monitor several consoles going to embedded devices. The users could take over when a coworker had gone on vacation w/o calling the sysadmin.

Comment: Take a look at MH (Score 1) 282

by tbuskey (#43316191) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Archive and Access Ancient Emails?

MH stores each email as a plain text file, each folder as a directory. It uses the unix filesystem as its database. It's very quick and has tools to re-order a folder quickly.

In addition, MH has tools to convert mail formats. It was designed in the days of low cpu power and small disks. It also lent itself well to being wrapped by other tools like xmh, exmh and mh-e so you don't have to learn the raw MH commands.

Yes, IMAP is cool, but don't discount MH. Plus the O'Reilly MH book is free as a PDF.

Oh, some IMAP servers and mail clients use MH format or something derived from it.

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