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Comment Some people just don't get it. (Score 1) 712 712

Hitmen have just found a murder weapon that they can print, shoot and then melt down into a set of coasters. I wonder what a 22 round shot from coffee coasters will come up as when it's run through a ballistics database? Actually, if cops come to question him he could offer them a cup of coffee and make sure not to stain his table by setting their cups on a recycled murder weapon or 2.

Comment Re:Canned Reply (Score 1) 583 583

Ya, the only way that we get any kind of accountability is when a party is in the position of a minority government. At least that way we can pressure the other, smaller parties (Lib/NDP) and the Cons can't shove things through without at least one other party on their side.

Comment Canned Reply (Score 4, Interesting) 583 583

I sent a letter in protest to my MP and got a similar canned response. it appears to be an answer from any conservatives in government. Here was my reply from Pierre Poilievre, my local MP.

Thank you for your message.

As you point out, these Bills did not pass in an earlier session of Parliament, and will need to be re-introduced. As such, I cannot comment on them until that time and the text is available.

That being said, our message is clear: if people use technology to commit crimes, such as distributing child pornography, the police will apprehend them and they will be punished to the full extent of the law.


Pierre Poilievre, M.P. Nepean-Carleton
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities


Submission + - NASA eyes prototype system to control drones->

coondoggie writes: "One of the chief technological reasons there aren't more unmanned aircraft in our national airspace is their lack of serious sensing, command and control capabilities. NASA wants to help change that.

Today the space agency said its Glenn Research Center is looking for potential sources and partners for the design and development of a Command and Control communication (C2) system prototype for unmanned aircraft"

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Comment Re:The cult of gratuitous uptime (Score 1) 705 705

I kind of agree here. Most of what I've dealt with in the past has been fully redundant; mostly with load balancing and H/A. Any company that implements systems like this have at least quarterly windows where we would fail one side of the cluster in a purposefully "bad" way (ie. pulling the power cables). So most of the best built systems I've ever worked on have no more than 90 or so days uptime.

I have however had systems with more. 1284 days on a sun ultra 1 is the most. I've been a sys admin for a long time and I'm very much of the persuasion that I almost never have to reboot a unix box, and I'm almost always able to solve issues on the live system.

The highest uptime boxes however, had absolutely nothing to do with my pride in their uptime and pretty much everything to do with the fear of what what would happen if this ancient little obscure system with software that hasn't been sold in 9 years went up in smoke on reboot.

Comment Re:This is telling (Score 1) 218 218

Even though that's the case (and I'm actually surprised the number isn't higher, considering my own experiences), the real revealing thing about this is that the VAST majority of IT professionals are professional enough not to take advantage of this or to retaliate against former employers. With the exception of a few high profile cases, almost all IT workers do not use these backdoors for sabotage, theft, etc.

I'd have to agree with this. I'm really surprised that the number isn't higher. I guess it depends on how diverse of a group they're including in the over arching term "IT professionals". I'd guess that if we were limiting ourselves to server/network administrators the number would be much much higher. Personally, I have not tried, but I'd put any amount of money someone wanted to wager on my being able to gain the highest level access available at my previous employment in a matter of minutes.

This is simply from the fact that I know the architecture of the network in detail, as well as the attitude towards security.

Comment Re:Why all the hate? (Score 1) 243 243

To paraphrase Hitchens.

'we're approaching the day when a messianic regime gets their hands on apocalyptic weaponry"

That people who do all they can to impose their barbaric ass-backward, anti science 'religious' ideology's all the time, are none the less able to cynically usurp the products of rational thought and the scientific method - is the saddest part of all.

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