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Comment Re:Because we are distracted by "global warming" (Score 1) 140

It would have been nice if you had written one true thing in that entire post, you have truly written a mighty gish gallop of ridicule and ignorance.

Some short notes because you're likely libertarded:

  1. The predictions are more accurate than you would have us believe.
  2. Of course, there is "no evidence" if you dismiss every piece of evidence "because communists".
  3. The impact of global warming on hurricanes is an area of ongoing research, the results are not conclusive in any direction yet.
  4. Authoritarians will tell you that anything can be solved by more authoritarian measures. Whether or not they want to use global warming to enact those measures has no impact on the existence of the phenomenon or the results of studying it. You are using the fallacy "appeal to consequences" to argue that people shouldn't believe in global warming because it might be used to justify measures that you disagree with. It's a bit insane to claim that something isn't true because "statists" have a solution for it.
  5. When 97% of the experts agree on something it's an "appeal to authority", not an "appeal to popularity".

Comment Re:"On Record" (Score 1) 289

Who are "we"?

Everyone who's not you.

Do you have a point to make other than trying to position yourself as a spokesperson for unnamed third parties?

Did you not understand the point or are you incapable of answering a question?

If you were trying to ignore me, you are doing a lousy job of it.

A wiser man would have figured out that was not what I was doing.

Comment Re:Bad Summary, but ultimately point has been prov (Score 1) 1037

Where was the cheating? Even George RR Martin admits that the Sad Puppies did everything within the rules.

Are you kidding? Do you really think "technically, they aren't cheating" is going to calm anyone who thought the puppies were stuffing the nomination box? Because if you do, you have a lot to learn about human nature.

Comment Re:SJW prove the SP's point (Score 1) 1037

Good thing most of us can read better than you, then.

If it were true, it would be a good thing, indeed.

Although congratulations on your appointment as spokesperson for most of us, I wasn't even aware there was an election.

For instance, you need to brush up on the meaning of "I think".

The emperor has no clothes and the imaginary saviours of humanity are being forced to take a long hard look in the mirror - and it's not a pretty sight - it's a fine start to the week. :D

You should probably also stay off the LSD, friend, it's apparently impeding your ability to read, understand and think.

Comment Re:There's truth on both sides here (Score 1) 1037

The option I like is approval voting, in which each individual voter is allowed to vote for *all* the candidates he thinks are good enough.

It sounds like you don't know how the voting actually works. It's ranked balloting, you rank your favourites in order and if you're #1 choice doesn't win, your second choice gets your vote and keeps going until you reach the last choice you approve of. In my opinion, it's actually a better system than approval balloting because it produces fewer ties.

Comment Re:there is no climate change ? who said that? (Score 1) 185

So your entire problem is that you don't think they're comparing the proxies to the actual recorded temperatures in the best manner. Why didn't you say so in the first place? All of the dicking around with accusations of dishonesty and fraud just make you look like a conspiracy nut case.

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