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Comment: Re:You shouldn't need insurance for most things (Score 4, Insightful) 739

by tazan (#48279047) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare
Yeah, a few years ago when I was young and didn't have insurance there was a cash doctor in town. Her office didn't take insurance at all, you paid in cash. And her cash price was the same as I would later pay for a copay when I did get insurance. That does make me think most of the cost of a doctors visit is overhead for insurance record keeping and wonder if there is any benefit to it.

Comment: I cut the cord because of the stupid cable box (Score 1) 392

by tazan (#48270431) Attached to: Cutting the Cord? Time Warner Loses 184,000 TV Subscribers In One Quarter
It's probably been 6 years now. Time warner was doing their mystro cable box upgrade. Constant hangs and glitches. One of the straws that finally got me was they had a porn channel next to one of the channels I regularly watch so the descriptions comes up every time I look at the guide. There was no way to just have a favorites list either. It occurred to me that my kids would be reading very soon and I would have to answer a lot questions before I wanted to if that continued. It turned out basic was only $2 more than just internet so I have basic now but the box is gone and we mostly watch netflix or hulu.

Comment: Re:Background material: (Score 4, Informative) 152

by tazan (#48264361) Attached to: Stan Lee Media and Disney Battle For Ownership of Marvel Characters
If I read the wiki correctly. The company went bankrupt, new owners took over and sued Marvel for a piece of the pie. Kind of like a lottery ticket: not much chance of winning, but the payoff is huge. They lost. Second group did the same thing, The third group which apparently is some kind of hedge fund did the same thing. This is their appeal. So not really related to Stan Lee or anyone originally at Stan Lee Media.

Comment: Re:How do you disable audio ads on /. (Score 1) 390

by tazan (#46419889) Attached to: Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto Outed By Newsweek
Yes, I got woke up at 6am this morning with a repeating swiffer comercial. I know what the solution is though, and am about to implement it. On a windows machine go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc edit the host file and add this line to the bottom.

This should improve my general productivity as well.

Comment: I think they have to. (Score 1) 304

by tazan (#46149577) Attached to: Adobe's New Ebook DRM Will Leave Existing Users Out In the Cold Come July
The only one I've looked into is the Nook, but it seems to me like it is fundamentally flawed. It has a lot of bits so it can't be brute forced. But, they use a pass phrase to generate the key. The phrase is your name and credit card number, so it's not as many bits. But if I get a hold of your Nook I can get your name from one of your screens. And the last four digits of your credit card. The first 6 digits of your card are not secret either and are determined by your bank and card company. If you don't know it at least many can be eliminated. So the only really secret part is the middle section of 6 numeric digits. I'm not sure how long it would take to brute force but it doesn't seem like it would be too long and it's easily parallelizable. So if you leave your Nook somewhere not only could I copy your books, I can have your credit card and name as well.

Comment: Re:RTFA (Score 4, Insightful) 976

Roads are usually paid for with a gasoline tax. This worked out great when everyone drove cars as the more you drove the more you paid. The problem is as we move to alternative fuels there will be no one left to pay for the roads.

Bike lanes cost money to build, and money to maintain. They may not get worn out by the bicyclists but they still need to have the street sweeper run, the lines painted, signs posted, cracks sealed, etc. Around here the bike lanes are not used nearly as much as the rest of the street, I would say probably the bike lanes cost more per mile used than the rest of the street.

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