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+ - Android KitKat Released->

Submitted by taxtropel
taxtropel (637994) writes "Google officially released the Kit Kat version of android.

Today we are announcing Android 4.4 KitKat, a new version of Android that brings great new features for users and developers. The very first device to run Android 4.4 is the new Nexus 5, available today on Google Play, and coming soon to other retail outlets. We’ll also be rolling out the Android 4.4 update worldwide in the next few weeks to all Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 devices, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition devices.


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+ - Russias "Space Troops" Not quite prepared for Alien Invasion.->

Submitted by taxtropel
taxtropel (637994) writes "In a story posted on Russia Today We find that Russia is not yet ready to take on the galactic task of fighting an alien civilization . Quote:

“So far we are not capable of that. We are unfortunately not ready to fight extraterrestrial civilizations,” the center’s deputy chief Sergey Berezhnoy explained.

I wonder what the Russians know that we don't..."
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Comment: Rescue Potential (Score 0) 90

by taxtropel (#44982475) Attached to: Matchstick-Sized Sensor Can Record Your Private Chats Outdoors
It's not always about spying and surveillance. It's not always about privacy and big brother. This technology would be endlessly useful in a search and rescue situation! Imagine pinpointing an unconscious person's breathing and directing rescue personnel to that location, or locating the cries of a small trapped / lost child. Or a victim stuck in a structure fire! Do you have any idea how LOUD structure fires are!?! Not to mention that unlike the Hollywood portrayal, fires are pitch black! Finding people and the potential of leaving people behind are some of the hardest things that firefighters do. I can think of countless uses for such a device as this for fire and rescue.

Comment: GoPro is Evil (Score 0) 83

by taxtropel (#42387973) Attached to: Foxconn Invests $200 Million In GoPro
GoPro has single handedly ruined the ski industry. As a pro skier and snowboarder I have seen this first hand. GoPro has made people believe that if they have $200 (to buy a camera) they are gonna get discovered and become big time pros with a red bull contract. When the reality of the situation is that those same idiots are tearing off downhill completely out of control. Wrecking and hurting others in the process. I don't take issue with the camera but I do take issue with the image GoPro is trying to sell. Similar in effect to the tobacco industry advertising, only with much more traumatic implications.

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