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+ - Any concerted effort to revive Usenet? 4

Submitted by taxman_10m
taxman_10m (41083) writes "I've felt for a long time that Usenet as a repository for technical knowledge was better than Stack Exchanges, Reddits, Google+ Communities and various assorted blogs and message boards. Particularly Google+ Communities. Recently info on modifying an Acer Chromebook to run full Ubuntu was moved to such a community. I can't be the only one that finds the layout to be an utter abortion, can I? I'm curious if there is any effort underway to bring back Usenet. One of the big downfalls of Usenet mentioned is spam, but certainly there are ways to deal with that now. If such a movement to bring back Usenet doesn't exist, I'd like to get the discussion started here."
Social Networks

+ - Twitter Fatigue

Submitted by taxman_10m
taxman_10m (41083) writes "Taking a look at the RSS feeds I subscribe to, I noticed that the feed from ATI which usually alerted me to driver updates is now defunct. It's been replaced by Twitter.

Catalyst updates will no longer be available as an RSS feed
We are excited to announce excluse updates on Twitter!

For a while now I've had a few friends, only a few, tell me repeatedly how awesome Twitter is. And tell me again. And still again. I've tried Twitter and quite frankly didn't find it very useful for anything. I was content to ignore Twitter and chalk up the fact that I didn't get it to simply not being hip, cool, and/or, with it. However, now that the Twitter trend has intruded upon my feed reading and inconvenienced me, I'm wondering whether I'm alone or are others suffering from Twitter fatigue?"

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