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Comment: Re:I am being stalked and abused... apk (Score 1) 100

by tarius8105 (#43313235) Attached to: Security Fix Leads To PostgreSQL Lock Down
And someone forgot to take his meds today...Are you really that dense that you cant tell that the only reason the "impostor" exists because you have a hard time realizing that you are wrong and/or wont let it go. It would take a complete moron to not realize that the whole reason he continues to do it is because he knows he can get you to respond by simply posting. This isnt rocket science, this is internet 101...

Let me offer you some advice on how to get rid of this "impostor"...shutup.

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by tarius8105 (#42990589) Attached to: Mayer Terminates Yahoo's Remote Employee Policy
When I am in the office, people from different organizations continually come up to me to ask me questions and a lot of times they can figure it out themselves but they're too lazy. These distractions tend to disrupt my thought process and so when I go back to the task I was working on it takes a bit of time for me to get back into that thought process. Its worse when I actually have to go look at something for one of these people. I am also limited at how long I can spend at work due to being single and having two dogs who need to be let out roughly after 9 hours. That means if you take into account my commute I only work 8 hours.

When I work from home, I am only distracted as needed by people. Most times they send an email which I can respond to at my leisure. I also do not have a time limit and I can go let my dogs outside to relieve themselves and then go back to work. I end up actually working closer to 12 hours when I work from home.

I will say that yes if I were married and had kids I would probably have distraction at home but I would have to in that situation have a separation in my home where I had an office instead of working from my recliner in the living room.

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Negative...RHEL 6 is based off Fedora 12, which was release in late 2009. That also means that the software is at the very least 6 months older than that.

Chrome is a desktop application too which means that it needs to keep up with the latest Linux Desktop distros. Its hard to maintain backward compat with something as old as Fedora 12 when software has change so much in 4 years.

Windows 7 on the other hand has not changed from Windows Vista in terms of Win32 application development. What works on one more than likely will work on the other.

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No you fucking idiot, your response is showing that you have no basis and nor is his response a different way of ignoring it. The statement "go google it" means that I can get some fucking crackpots blog about it and no verifiable proof. Why should I have to go research your claim because you are either too fucking lazy to prove it yourself or none exists. Why do you think in a court of law its not the defendants jobs to prove his own guilt and its the prosecutions job. You made a claim so prove it. If you do not provide proof then it means your statement should and will be considered a bigots opinion.

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VMWare vCenter is a tomcat application and the installer only works on Windows. Thats one example. There are other COTS applications out there that use tomcat for a backend on windows. While you personally may not do it others have done it. I agree with you that Linux and Tomcat is the most common configuration though.

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Its not so much misleading as to say without the deals it can cost about that much per new weapon. As another person stated you dont need to unlocked newer weapons for the most part to be successful. The concept that you need to pay money to do anything in this game is false. If my goal was to not spend any money in this game I could get away with it but only with a disadvantage that I'd unlock weapons slower than someone who drops cash for it.

Comment: Re:LOve the game, hate the real money bullshit (Score 4, Informative) 157

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until you go to upgrade anything and it all costs money, ridiculous amounts of money.

No, you get certs as you gain xp. New weapons require certs or station cash. The average cost for a new weapon is $6.00. The cert points are higher which a casual player can gain enough after a week or two to get a new weapon. Then, certs can also be used to enhance your class, weapon, or vehicle. You cannot spend station cash to upgrade a vehicle beyond unlocking a weapon.

a great game shackled with a horrible 'pay for every little piece of functionality' mode.

Again you do not need to spend any money to play the game and unlock weapons or buy the enhancements. You have an option to pay cash to unlock weapons but in no way are you required to spend any money at all. Cert points are required no matter what and have to be earned by playing the game.

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Easier said than done. There would be a lot of new science required just for planet terraforming that does not exist today. An example, how to make the planet's core more active to support tectonic plates so that the rock material from crashing asteroids into the planet get recycled into larger rocks. Then there is calculating the right amount of liquid water needed to sustain the planet and somehow transport it whether its crashing comets into the planet. Altering the planet's rotation if its tidally locked, its axis if we want to have seasons (which I believe would be required), and potentially a moon with enough mass to exert influence to maintain them. The other issue is this isnt something that is currently completable in the average person's life time, it would be many generations down the line where they might be able to work on phase 2.

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1) The post said she was shot. It didn't say she shot back, so you don't know if she killed anyone.

No it didn't. It said she was injured from the shells. As in, the stuff that remains when the bullet goes through. Which means she was doing the shooting.

No but you must feel pretty stupid because the shells eject from the side downwards, not back upwards at the person firing the gun, that would be a stupid design. More than likely she was a passenger in the vehicle and one fell down on her.

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I'm sort of confused, what do you think the cable does? Its a data cable with the ability to supply power. USB cables do both. In fact, the dock cable is *drum roll* USB! Maybe the first ever ipod connector with 30 pins was not USB, I dont know I started to buy apple products in 2007, but its nothing special other than a USB cable what you get today. The same video and audio can pass right over it, and with drivers so can everything else you said.

Generic USB to Apple 30 pin connector ($19.99)

Generic USB to USB micro cable ($1.20)

The difference in cost is significant, so yes they are selling it for a mark up. Apple didnt innovate nothing other than pulling a Sony and creating a proprietary cable. The new cable will just be more of the same and the only difference will be the amount of money I have to shovel out for new accessories because the old ones dont have the same connector when I upgrade my phone.

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Yes but there are other applications that this would be better suited. You could grow new arteries for bypass patients, instead of having to harvest from other parts of the body. That alone would allow people with clogged arteries the ability to be able to do strenuous activity. Eventually they will be able to do more complex but this is a huge milestone.

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