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Comment: Re:Google's question (Score 1) 916

by taricha (#22062286) Attached to: Ask the Presidential Candidates
here's the link to the google interview: bubblesort is at around 22:50. A lot of these questions mentioned here have been asked at the google interview or were addressed by obama in his speech. I think the candidates@google interviews show several of these guys obama, edwards, mccain, clinton, paul talking about issues of interest to the /. audience
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+ - Scoring Systems for credibility of cited sources?

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adinb writes: "Does anyone know of any widely used scoring systems for evaluation of credibility of cited sources? While I've seen guides (like this one from cornell) or this wikipedia article, I haven't seen any standardized scoring systems that apply a numerical score to source credibility. I'm thinking of something as simple as +5 for a current, double-blind study published in a peer reviewed journal, funded by non-partisan sources to -5 for an out of date, non peer reviewed article from a partisan source. If there aren't any "simple" systems out there, is this something we should create to help with evaluation of content on the net and in our society?"

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