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The Cure for Information Overload 94

Posted by Zonk
from the technological-success-story dept.
Ged writes "Those librarian blogerati have done it again: they've just discovered 'The Cure for Information Overload'. It's a very elegant formula if you ask me, with obvious SRU/SRW applications, and maybe even TLA ramifications. I'm not sure about all of the conclusions, but it sure is an interesting theory."

Comment: Re:It fell on its own? (Score 1) 360

by taped2thedesk (#13049276) Attached to: Falling Window Cover Damages Discovery
The fact that they haven't checked whether the shuttle's vital parts are glued on tight or not is more than enough reason to cancel the launch.

The window COVER is meant to protect the shuttle window before launch. It's not a exactly a vital component, as it would be removed before launch anyway. It's not "glued on".

Nothing happens.