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Comment I was a cab driver in New Orleans (Score 2) 156

We were used to getting brushed by hurricanes. We were used to them turning at the last minute and missing us. I felt completely safe in New Orleans when Katrina was coming ashore. I worked driving the cab even when Katrina started home with a quarter tank of gas. When it started in full force, I sat in my den. I knew we were screwed then, but did not realize how bad it was going to be. I sat, drinking a fifth of rum as Katrina peeled the entire back wall of the house of the den walls, board by board. There was nowhere to run. It was too late. When it ended, I was sitting in the den looking out into my back yard.

The next morning when I left the house, it looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic video game. Wading through the water that came that day left my body covered in sores. I stayed there for 4 days until I was able to get out....and didn't get a full meal until I left. We saw Red Cross trucks drive by, but they never stopped. The same with police and military vehicles. I decided the options were a. starve b. leave.

Now, I live in another state. I was renting in New Orleans. I own a 3 bedroom house now. I lost just about everything in Katrina. That storm has forever divided my life into pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. But, I'm in a much better place now than I was before, simply because I had to start again from scratch and could not rest on my laurels.

Comment Re:Easier? Cheaper? Depends (Score 1, Insightful) 233

You obviously haven't spent too much time in linux or do it with rose colored glasses. Someone below posted about's my favorite from opensuse:

and Debian is a joke between me and my friends because of this kind of thing:

Comment Re:Easier? Cheaper? Depends (Score 1) 233

"I've seen some mighty capable hobbyists and some downright retarded experts."

Yes, but which are you more likely to see: an expert who can't do his job or a hobbyist who can't do the job of an expert? For every capable hobbyist out there, there are 20 out there who think they could handle a project like this because they installed Ubuntu on their laptop and set up an FTP server for their friends to share things. They networked to their sister's computer, so they have networking down pat too... Now, do you have the 1 or the 20? If money and a business are riding on this, it's not a reasonable choice to make.

Comment Re:Easier? Cheaper? Depends (Score 1) 233

Linux updates break systems too.... But, if there is no local Linux professional or it often takes them a day or so to get to you because there is only one/not enough to go around and they charge a premium because of it... then Windows just became cheaper without looking into anything else.

Comment Easier? Cheaper? Depends (Score 2, Insightful) 233

Are you sure it's easier to deploy and maintain linux? Do you have someone who can maintain a linux installation of that size? Not a hobbyist.... for God's sake, don't trust this to a hobbyist. Do you have an actual professional? They might be a bit scarcer than Windows IT guys... and that's the first thing I would check: that you have someone who can reliably maintain this....someone certified, not certifiable. Also, ask legitimate IT guys in your area about your specifics. It may or may not be the way to go, but it's better to spend a little money up front on a consultant, than a lot of money trying to get someone to fix what you messed up later.

Comment Re: Another Linux User's Perspective (Score 1) 321

It doesn't break backwards compatibility. What he mentioned seems to be an issue a few people experienced in the last upgrade as well and is fixable.

But, the bigger issue is: why are you buying windows games to start with? Thr answer to that is: because they run better in windows or aren't available in linux when I want to buy them.

Ok...then that's a mark against linux. It also means you're in windows every time you want to play these games...and were planning on being in windows. That is why it was an option. So, linux is not truly fulfilling your needs as an OS.

Comment Re: Another Linux User's Perspective (Score 1) 321

I even have desktop icons in linux. I just always liked them. Now, with Windows 10, I can make any shortcut a tile, move them around, group them and name the groups...

So I thought "HEY! This is nice..." and started using it. I don't have to remember anything. ..just hit start and I can browse through all of them

Comment Re: Another Linux User's Perspective (Score 1) 321

See..even though you're getting defensive and backtracking (games becomes really one game), it remains that you really can't talk about how great linux is because you yourself are in the position of having to use Windows to compensate for things you cannot do in linux.

As far as your situation: games... Can you play games in linux? Sure. Can you play all the games you'd like? Not at all. Can you install the latest video card and have it supported? Probably not. If it is supported, will the support and performance be equal to what you get in windows? Most likely not.

Of course, that doesn't go into the other desktop issues people run into...bugs, other driver issues, etc. But it is a similar issue

Comment Re: Another Linux User's Perspective (Score 1) 321

It's not a combative tone. I was pointing out what you had said and the issues....that you have deficiencies in linux that you're compensating for by using windows alongside it.

I don't play games on the pc. I have an Xbox One and a PS3 for that. So, I don't run into the game problems even though that particular dll issue seems to be something that happens upon upgrade for some people from version to version and is able to be fixed (sorta like the issues they put in the distro's readme file).

That being said, even though I had windows sitting there "just in case", I'd go months without booting into it. I would kick the tires for a couple of days when an upgrade came out, but that was the extent of it.

Yes, I've run into your missing dll problem several times in linux....missing package dependency or missing file in a package... but it seems like things are just way too buggy in general on the desktop and, as the other commenter noted, they're getting worse over the years.

As far as turning off things not actually turning them off, that would be a huge legal liability for any company to do.

Comment Re:Another Linux User's Perspective (Score 3, Interesting) 321

Ok... Without even delving into the dll issue, I want to point something out:

"I finally decided to try Windows 10 this weekend. I downloaded the ISO with their tool first, and then decided to try the "upgrade" route. Of course, none of my games work any more."

I'd be willing to bet none of those games work in linux, either. That leaves us with two take-aways:

1. You're already a considerable user of Windows, because you've amassed a game library
2. You don't hold it against Linux, as an OS, that it can't play your games.

So, that leaves a double standard where you lower your expectations for Linux, but can't use it as your only OS because it does not fulfill your needs.If you were to look at both, without bias, It seems Linux is the one you'd be railing against.

As far as the privacy issues, there have been many articles that walk through what those privacy settings mean and how to turn them off. Treat it just like you would when you have to hunt down things about Linux online and figure out what to do.

Comment Re:I've only encountered one problem with 10 (Score 1) 321

"WTF would I want an "XBox" account tile for when I don't own a gaming system of any kind, much less one susceptible to the "red ring of death"? "

That was some releases of the Xbox 360. The current Xbox console is the Xbox One, which has no problems of the sort. The app is so you can interact with your Xbox One account and even connect to the console and stream Xbox One games so you can play them on your Windows 10 box.

That being said, you do know that you can right click on those tiles, uninstall the programs or unpin them from start, right?

Comment Another Linux User's Perspective (Score 4, Interesting) 321

I've been a linux user since 1997, except for a couple of years when I ran OS X (10.5-10.6). I started out on Redhat (a couple of weeks with slackware before that, but too short a time to count), then went to OpenSuse after the second Fedora release and migrated to Linux Mint 17.1 because I found too many annoying bugs in the most recent release of OpenSuse. I'm strictly a desktop user and was waiting for the rise of the Linux desktop like everyone else, but always kept a version of Windows on dual boot because A. It usually came with the machine and B. "just in case".

Yesterday, I installed Grub Customizer and switched my default boot to Windows 10. It is, to me, the best version of Windows they've managed to come out with. I happen to love the start menu. I did away with all my icons I normally put on the desktop and, instead, they reside in the start menu. The privacy issues seem to be no better nor worse than you get from Apple, but the OS seems to finally be as good as what you'd get from Apple.

I have to say... I've gotten sick, over the years, of Linux being treated like the red-headed stepchild when it comes to drivers, software and websites. But, just as importantly, I've grown sick of the bugs that continually creep up in the desktop experience. Dilbert stops showing up on the KDE comic all fixes seem to work....gotta live with it. Can't find an mp3 player that really seems to work, catalog my library, manage the playlists and mp3s on my samsung s3 etc. without hanging or outright crashing... It's the bugs like that which seem to really be in your face on a near daily basis....and they don't seem to be fixed. It's much more exciting to add features than hunt down bugs. I understand that. Some will say that, if I don't like the bugs, then fix them myself. But, I don't want an OS I have to learn to code and help out projects just to make something I can use.... I'm a single parent raising a 7 year old. I just want something I can use and that fits my needs....

Linux Mint has been, by far, the most polished and professional desktop experience I've had in a while. That could be because they've stayed with the same release of Ubuntu underlying it for the last couple of releases. Whatever the reason, I've still found a more pleasing desktop experience in Windows 10.

Comment This is why I didn't buy a slingbox (Score 1) 112

This is actually the reason I did not purchase a slingbox. It was to be one of my seven year-old's birthday gifts (the other being a tablet). However, I went with Amazon Prime instead when I saw you have to pay $15 for each app and then they throw their own advertisements (which may or may not be age appropriate) over the top.

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