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Comment Re: And PI == 3 (Score 1) 158

There will be certain things it will stop. People wanting to pay for a pizza are going to find it hard to find a local outlet accepting anonymous bitcoins. People who just want to use it for convenience, and who want to have the usual consumer protection. The funny thing is none of the things it will stop seem too have much to do with terrorism.

Comment My boss once got a virus that emailed porn links (Score 5, Interesting) 160

My boss once got a virus that emailed porn links to ask his contacts. When he realised what had happened he sent out an aplology, but said he was surprised at how many responseshe got before that said "thanks", " that's s good one", or returned the favour by sending porn links of their own.

Comment Re:Completely true (Score 1) 49

I withdrew my kids from the Khan academy when I read some samples questions.

"A Muslim died killing an infidel and gains 72 virgins. Demonstrate that even if he only has sex with one each day, that in eternity he will have more sex than all the infidels combined during the life of the universe".

" Hamid has 10kg of explosives. If 1kg has a 90% chance of killing an armoured car driver, and 500g a 40% chance which size bomb should he make in order to kill most people? For extra points why any this not be the best tactic in the real world?"

Is this true? Why do we put up with this, when there would be complaints if atextbook had even a slight religious bias?

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