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Comment: Net deficit to society (Score 0) 73 73

Someone should calculate the meet deficit to society and civilisation bought by Islam. Everyone talks about their contributions, usually then mentioning things plagiarised from other societies (box plundered from when they destroyed the Alexandrian library, Hindu numbering schemes, etc.). Over all out of certainly a negative contribution.

Comment: in the UK we still don't know yet (Score 0) 109 109

They have made the system so complex with all the various tax rebates that are slowly withdrawn as your earnings rise that the PAYE system now can't calculate it correctly through the year. Its so rediculous that we have a "bump" at 50,000 pounds for people with children where there is a marginal taxation rate of 73% before it drops to 40% again at 60k

"Any excuse will serve a tyrant." -- Aesop