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Comment: Re: Be careful how you define Troll (Score 0) 467

The big problem with active censoring is that you are more likely to be deemed responsible for what's published. An owner of a park with a soap box who let's anyone speak for ten minutes is very unlikely to be held responsible for what is said, whereas someone who invites speakers on certain topics may be.

Comment: Re: Qualifications (Score 0) 479

Unfortunately that's the sort of thing that Gerry's women in IT a bad name. There are very few women in the department I work in but all are very competent. Of you get the number up to 20% with women with the wrong skills or low ability then people will start to think "women are no good". This is not a sexist thing, the same would happen if your company had a mandate to recruit 20% of the workforce with surnames beginning with 'r'.

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