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Comment: Re: Qualifications (Score 0) 479

Unfortunately that's the sort of thing that Gerry's women in IT a bad name. There are very few women in the department I work in but all are very competent. Of you get the number up to 20% with women with the wrong skills or low ability then people will start to think "women are no good". This is not a sexist thing, the same would happen if your company had a mandate to recruit 20% of the workforce with surnames beginning with 'r'.

Comment: Re: Seen the e-Golf? (Score 1) 395

by Tandava Nadesan (#48483895) Attached to: France Wants To Get Rid of Diesel Fuel
I would be worried on whether it could manage my 10 mile each way commute in winter. Being up a mountain I usually do half the mpg on my commute that I do on a long journey and in winter when the idiots with Sumner tyres tesicr the climb yo a series of walking-pace drives between stuck cars that mean waiting for a gapbin the oncoming traffic to pass its much worse

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