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Submission + - Melee of Madness and Mayhem Ensues in the Aftermat (

tallship writes: "We haven't seen this kind of insane carnage since Tommy Lee and Pamela's missing video tape was found... On the net!!!

Slackware 13.37 is in the wild, it's gone viral, and why you should be interested in perhaps the best things since (No, not sliced bread), Bill Joy wrote vi."

Comment Architecture is not just for networks... (Score 1) 217

News Flash!!!!

Stop manufacturing castles that expose right angles and sharp corners to would be army's bringing siege engines with them!

Solution #1: Just open the freakin' gates and let down the ramp over the moat (solution provided by this article

Solution #2: Build your castles with all exposed surfaces along your walls and towers with curves and rounded facings - it's harder for the rocks to chunk away at you, and you're not bringing the battle to the inside of the castle like you are with Solution #1.

wtf is this article supposed to suggest?



Journal Journal: The Big Apple Throws Hat Into the Ring

New York City, and former Mayor and media darling Ed Koch are pushing for the inclusion of a new TLD - .NYC, into the deprecated, ICANN legacy root system. If successful, the city says it will make millions of dollars each year on registrations alone.

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