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Comment: Re:This would have been disastrous for me. (Score -1) 313

by talledega500 (#21818528) Attached to: Google Reader Begins Sharing Private Data
Besides the consistently enlightened comments already shared,
perhaps someone would ask, what is the benefit of this feature?

When you send an email, do you cc it to all of your contacts?
When you come across an off color joke do you email it to your brother AND your mom?

So what IS the benefit of this feature to the user? None.
What IS the benefit of this feature to google? More ad revenues by being able to
spam gmail users with feeds and claim more hits from gmail.

This isnt a mistake. Its a business decision to try and scrape more revenue
from a somewhat disturbingly vapid business model.

Dont complain, buy more google stock and use something else.
Google will always find sheep to willingly be hosed by these methods.

+ - FDIC closes Netbank, Inc.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "One of the first and best, in my opinion, internet banks in the country was closed by the FDIC today. Being a loyal customer for 8 years, I am saddened that an institution that provided me with so much great service and a cool, hi tech way [early 2000 way at least] to conduct my financial transactions is shutting down. Seems that mortgage defaults are to blame. Here's the link to the story and the defunct web page..."

+ - Why The GPL Will Lose In Court Every Time 1

Submitted by talledega500
talledega500 (994228) writes "An interesting comment on the potential first GPL case in terms of legal remedies available and also an analysis of the overstepping of software licenses in general due to the notion that people can fashion whatever license they want and yet somehow expect existing law to back them merely because there was a license. If you read this story, you must take out the trash, kick your dog and slap your wife. Or you are in violation of my General Public Nuisance License (GPNL). Dont make me take you to court!"

+ - Google to users: All your base are mine!

Submitted by talledega500
talledega500 (994228) writes "Google apparently isn't being shy about coveting all the data thats fit to encrypt. In this article which contains no shortage of orwellian overtones, The Goo-sters want to rule your life on and offline. Is this the price of being a loyal Google user? Or is this the consequence of an ad-based economic scheme which must continually offer more and more invasive features to justify its existence and relevance?"

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