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Comment: Re:Isolation, Reflection and Cross-talk (Score 1) 35

by taktoa (#46487479) Attached to: Nanoscale Terahertz Optical Switch Breaks Miniaturization Barrier

> Also, photons don't have cross-talk. That is a specifically electro-magnetic phenomenon.

Photon, n.: a quantum of electromagnetic radiation

Light has cross-talk, because radio has cross-talk, and when you send a signal down a coax cable, you are basically beaming it down a "radio fiber".

Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 1) 602

by taktoa (#42178019) Attached to: No More "Asperger's Syndrome"

And autistic people are considered puppy calculators (based on Rainman). I wouldn't care if they labeled me Asperger's or Autistic or neurotic. The gap in the diagnosis spectrum is what happens when a smart person is retarded? The dyslexic 180+ IQ is rarely diagnosed. In fact, the high IQ might actually be tied to the dyslexia/Asperger's.

The dyslexic 180+ IQ does not exist. Assuming the standard of 15 points of IQ equals one sigma (this is fairly common) and homogeneous IQ distribution, there are a grand total of 330 people on Earth with a 180 or greater IQ.

Speaking as someone who has a 152 verbal IQ and a 97 processing IQ, I have to say that the incongruities between my skills have caused me much strife and anguish. I've been diagnosed with NVLD and PDD-NOS variously (these are now under the ASD umbrella), as well as dysgraphia and ADHD (for which I am happily medicated).

Comment: Re:Amazing to see how many don't get it (Score 1) 130

by taktoa (#41724005) Attached to: New Arduino Due Brings More Power To the Table

Wow. I wrote one sentence that was a statement of fact, and you responded with a diatribe on how wrong I am. Notice that I said "beats the hell out of the Arduino on price and processing power". I said absolutely nothing about ease of use, community support, or software compatibility.

FWIW, I think the Arduino platform is pretty great, but pricing the board at $50 is utter bullshit. What I would really like is a POSIX-type API that allows anyone to make a layer between Arduino code and the microprocessor of choice, thus allowing use of Arduino syntax in arbitrary systems.

Comment: Re:Eh? (Score 2) 54

by taktoa (#41299901) Attached to: Torque 3D To Be Released On Github Under the MIT License

Open source Tribes 2 would be freaking awesome. That game was fantastic... it had a mod called Construction Mod that effectively mimicked Minecraft / Garry's Mod (albeit with somewhat different mechanics), except it was released in 2003 (GMod was 2006, Minecraft was 2009). I played that mod extensively - it was very fun. Even vanilla Tribes 2 was great - IMO Tribes 2 and Battlefield 2 were some of the most groundbreaking multiplayer FPS's.

If a 6600 used paper tape instead of core memory, it would use up tape at about 30 miles/second. -- Grishman, Assembly Language Programming