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Comment: Re:How did this go to trial? (Score 1) 236

by tahuti (#46429123) Attached to: Drone Pilot Wins Case Against FAA
Rules are very clear, you need permission to fly commercial drones. The only drones that can get licence is experimental and military/police drone or somewhere far away in boonies, like Alaska. There is no commercial permit for drones that most people are interested to get. Like photographing a house for sale. Even Amazon could no get it, all those videos filmed elsewhere.

Comment: Re:Why are 3D printers so exciting? (Score 2) 155

by tahuti (#46083211) Attached to: $499 3-D Printer Drew Plenty of Attention at CES (Video)
I would say 3D printers are at the stage where "micro" computers were in early 80's, yes there were big expensive real computers and almost a toy for home use that you often needed to assemble by yourself. Did majority need computer then, no; today, well who doesn't have smartphone.

Comment: Re:Why Permissions for showing item in movies? (Score 1) 227

by tahuti (#38499922) Attached to: Warner Bros Sued For Pirating Louis Vuitton Trademark
Just to make sure if I understand, lets say I film a car, so if I don't film manufacturer logo it is ok, but if I do than I am in trouble? Can actor refer to the car's manufacturer if you don't show logo? How this type of Intellectual Protection works for books, graphic novels, photography? It looks very murky to me.

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