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Submission + - Off-the-Shelf Car Parts Can Fight Global Warming

Aaron Huertas writes: "The Union of Concerned Scientists has designed a car that uses a package of off-the-shelf technology to cut global warming pollution from all classes of vehicles by more than 40 percent. The design dismantles automobile industry claims that they can't affordably comply with clean car standards adopted in 11 states.

See animation, design and specs here: http://ucsusa.org/clean_vehicles/avp/"

Ten DS Games That Should Be Made 94

marcellizot writes "Even though the DS is already blessed with a large and varied library of great titles, its hard not to wish for the games that should be, and the games that probably will never be. Nintendo's little white pandora's box of quirky interfaces seems destined to forever remain pregnant with possibility, no matter how creative the developers get. To vent their desires, Pocket Gamer has assembled a canon of forgotten gaming heroes and oddball fancies that would make a good fit for Nintendo's dual-screened play thing."

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