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Linux Action Show Returns 61

Posted by timothy
from the for-your-time-on-the-elliptical-machine dept.
BJ writes "The Linux Action Show, the Linux-podcast to end all Linux-podcasts, is returning with their 11th season after over 7 months off the air. Kicking it all off with a live streaming event this Saturday at 5pm. Topics are set to include: Maemo/Moblin merging into Meego, Open Source Nividia drivers with 3D, KDE 4.4 and much, much more."

Facebook Master Password Was "Chuck Norris" 319

Posted by samzenpus
from the ad-nauseum-roundhouse dept.
I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "A Facebook employee has given a tell-all interview with some very interesting things about Facebook's internals. Especially interesting are all the things relating to Facebook privacy. Basically, you don't have any. Nearly everything you've ever done on the site is recorded into a database. While they fire employees for snooping, more than a few have done it. There's an internal system to let them log into anyone's profile, though they have to be able to defend their reason for doing so. And they used to have a master password that could log into any Facebook profile: 'Chuck Norris.' Bruce Schneier might be jealous of that one."

Comment: Re:Yay! (Score -1, Troll) 107

by tach315 (#28437277) Attached to: A Wiki For Cable and Connector Pin-Outs

Thanks Assholes. This was a great site THAT I NEEDED TO USE TODAY! AND NOW IT'S FUCKING SLASH DOTED. look, why is this on slashdot at all.A true DIYer would just Google "pinouts." Now their bandwidth is most likely used up for the month. This is it I am about two steps away from going cold turkey slashdot, it really has gone downhill. cmdtaco if you have not been replaced by robots WTF is going on.

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