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Journal: Military stuff on P2P

Journal by tacarat
Rejected :(
ZDNet has an article regarding the website This website was set up to illustrate some of the things that are (hopefully) being unintentionally shared on P2P networks. It posts censored shots of sensitive documents originating from military and goverment sources that were readily available for download. The site owner claims to have even downloaded military material rated SECRET/NOFORN from Gnutella.
While a good eye opener, especially in the cases of the goverment and military documents, the site doesn't address the two root problems: 1) privileged people taking protected information outside of secure enviroments, and 2)home computer users not knowing how to keep their systems marginally secure (i.e. don't share out your entire harddrive). If nothing else, I do appreciate that they're bringing this problem out in the open, and not allowing decision makers the normal luxery of ignoring or covering up security screw-ups.

For the /. military folks, can I get a hearty RTFR(read the F*****g Reg)?
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Journal: $68 million from MS to SCO - My new submission

Journal by tacarat
Well, let's see where this one goes...

More SCO news from CNET. ' The SCO Group dismissed a leaked memo that connected Microsoft to $86 million in investments in the company, saying the author of the e-mail misunderstood the venture deal.
The SCO Group on Thursday acknowledged the authenticity of an e-mail sent Oct. 12 from Michael Anderer, CEO of Salt Lake City venture firm S2 Partners, to SCO Vice President Chris Sontag and Chief Financial Officer Robert Bench. The memo appears to be a discussion of the compensation that Anderer received for facilitating venture deals on SCO's behalf.
The new letter referenced can be found here, along with the rest of our favorite 'Halloween Documents'.
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Journal: Maybe I'll get this one posted...

Journal by tacarat
Dare I dream? My first /. post?


I figure if I sell the crap that I'm so very, very full of, I might be able to afford one for my female friends. That'd be stupid, though. I've got better ways (for me) for them to get the same effect.

Unless they've been faking this whole time :(

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