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Comment: Re:Generally? You don't. (Score 1) 195 195

This is a problem with you - you have not established clear boundaries with your wife. My wife works from home and I know to leave her alone. She informs me of which calls are important so I take the dogs and keep them in the bedroom with me so that they are quiet if the doorbell rings, etc. Since I work from home too but I'm more flexible I make lunch at the time she agreed to have it (according to her outlook calendar for the day). I only start complaining when I see it's 7pm and she's still working... or when she allows herself only 10 minutes for lunch, but I know she won't change. But tell me - why doesn't your wife work? That way she'd leave you alone.

Comment: Re:trick them into it ... (Score 3, Interesting) 195 195

there's light-years long queue out of here of people who would gladly accept to get shit upon their faces to get a job

Maybe if you're a burger flipper. How about developing your skillset so that you're not just another drone? There are people who are highly sought after. My wife for example was made redundant at a Fortune 500 and another large company called her the minute they found out (about a week after her notification) to offer her an even better position. She didn't have time to work on her CV before she was on a plane to do the interviews. Needless to say she got the job. And there is no question of her working from home when she wants to.

Comment: Re:Yay, 'murica! (Score 1) 387 387

It's not about any other country. The goal of the regulation is to prevent Americans from having access to 3D printed guns and to intimidate any American who would design one of these guns.

The best answer is for people outside the US to create these designs and post them online.

Comment: Filming bans (Score 1) 72 72

Increasing numbers of places - sports stadia, school plays and the like - ban video recording of the action. Sometimes the excuse is "don't you dare think of the children". Other times the more honest line is "we are filming it ourselves and you can buy the video for $ XXX." But in either case, finding a video of the event on YouTube is likely to result in a phone call to the land sharks.

Comment: Re:Cue the alien influence ... (Score 1) 233 233

Next season the "History Channel" will be running shows discussing possible extraterrestrial influences on Herbert's writings. :-)

If they're showing it next year, then it has been in production for about 6 months already, and they've probably finished main filming already. I wonder if they had the gonads to film at Armageddon (modern Meggido). Or more likely an important question - whether they had the budget for it.

Comment: Drilling Rig (Score 1) 374 374

After 21 days on the job (24x7 cover, typically 20 hour working day) I had to identify one saple of dark grey claystone from one of two possible other types of dark grey claystone. I decided one way, then went to pack my bags to crew-change with my relief.

The implications of deciding one way not the other were a million dollars worth of ironmongery (9.925in OD liner pipe) being run and cemented into the hole. That operation occupied a rig crew of 90-odd people for 8 days while I was on leave. When we drilled ahead, it became clear that I had been wrong. Total unnecessary cost was about 2 million dollars.

These days, I don't lose sleep for less than ten million. The fact that I still do work for the client suggests that they figure it's better to have me around than not.

A couple of years ago I got some grief for pointing out a problem on day 10 of a job, which people upstairs from me decided wasn't likely to be a problem. So they shelved the problem, told me in writing to shut up, and continued with the well. 3 months of work later, we'd made a beautifully-tuned geo-steered well ... and had to wait on weather for a major storm. And when we came back on location, the problem I'd been making a fuss about had come back to haunt us and forty million dollars worth of ironmongery and effort was junk. Several embarrassed faces upstairs, but all my fellow contractors knew who had said "We need to deal with this problem, now." when we were five million into the project. Who needs advertising?

Comment: Re:have I missed something? (Score 1) 77 77

someone want to tell me how launching from NZ, apart from political issues, is in any way advantageous over launching from the US?

If you're a non-US company (shockingly, there are such people!) then that may be a sufficient reason already. Before you even get into politics.

I see elsewhere that Rocket Labs have "recently become a US company, for VC reasons" (paraphrasing). Shrug. That'll make them harder to deal with for some customers. Say - an Indian telecomms company wanting to put up a series of satellites. Dealing with your (relatively near) neighbours instead of people on the other side of the world could be a very good start for a commodity like launch facilities, even if you're only using it as a bargaining chip to argue down the price with your in-country launch facilities.

Comment: Re:Who the fuck is Turing (Score 1) 92 92

Anyways, a couple of paragraphs from wikipedia:

More interesting to me from the same article (probably), is the compositions listed : zirconium, beryllium, titanium, copper, nickel, and more recently aluminium and niobium. From a health-effects and recyclability point of view, I'd watch out for the nickel and beryllium in particular. I don't have a nickel sensitivity myself, I think, but I've had enough contact with people who do have a bad response to anticipate problems, for a moderate proportion of users.

Which isn't a show-stopper, but it's an issues some people might need to be careful of.

Protect the screen of my smart phone? Isn't that why I put it in a fibre-board and PVC phone case? Oh yes, so it is. And does that protect my phone when it falls out of my pocket while I'm cycling down the road at 25kmph? So far, yes. And it cost a whole 2 Beers (in internationally translatable costs).

Interesting product. No sale though.

Comment: Re:Something I won't put on my resume (Score 1) 209 209

I've been in a similar situation when arriving on an oil rig to start a job (drilling out in 2 hours ; next helicopter on 3 days ; no spares on board, see further comments below about manuals). The pneumatic motor for extracting gas samples hadn't been operated for 4 months (contrary to rig-up instructions ; I wrote the manual and definitely put weekly runs into the mothballing procedures ; they weren't followed but that's a separate issue).

The motor wouldn't start by jagging it (power/ air on and off repeatedly). Still wouldn't start after filling the inlet line with lube oil and jagging it (this is what the weekly runs in the "mothball" section of the manual were intended to achieve).

Final solution, which got it working, was jagging it while tapping with the shaft of a hammer on the visible bearing housing, in the direction of the shaft. That put enough vibration into the bearings that the applied force from the air (and lube oil) on the motor vanes started to shift the vanes by a degree or two ... which exposed one of the vanes to fresh lube oil ... which reduced the friction. 10 minutes of doing that every few seconds and the motor started to turn, slowly. After that, the lube oil did it's stuff.

I fucking hate people who don't READ the fucking manual after I've gone to the effort to WRITE the damned thing. Do they think I'm typing for the good of my fingers, or something?

The same trick will often work with a stuck bolt or gas fitting : apply spanner in the undo direction (and CHECK if it's left or right-hand thread !! We have enough L-H threads that you learn to check, but now you can't claim you weren't warned!) and keep a steady pull on it ; hit the head in the direction of the bolt shaft repeatedly while keeping hand tension on the spanner. Easing oil helps (not fucking WD40). Spending 20 minutes like this is better than having to deal with a sheared-off fitting which invalidates the Explosion-Proof rating of the enclosure.

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