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Comment Re:it's not what you say it's how you say it (Score 1) 112

"That is true and obviously it'll never be foolproof but in some cases a flat response when one might expect something different is the give away."

That wasn't my point. My point is not on what sarcasm is but what it is used for. At its highest level is meant for *some* of the audience not to get it or, at least, not to get it immediately because sarcasm requires mockery out of somebody or, in its light form to mock out of what somebody said (instead of the somebody himself).

For an AI wanting to get sarcasm *on others* is an easy task (in theory), provided it is among an audience, since it only needs to watch for one of two reactions (some times in quick succession):
1) Somebody says something (with or without cues)
2) Part of the audience grins
3) Few moments later the part that didn't grin goes "Oh, wait!"

The problem comes when the sarcasm is directed to the AI itself. The most it could do is apply the old poker saying: if it can't find the sucker...

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 157

"This sounds like why there are also so many bugs in software. I find that the more I learn about software development, the more difficult everything becomes."

Related, but not exactly that.

Our mind tends to look for goals and then focus on the goals as is a great way to have things done (reaching food, escaping from a predator, mating...).

When this tendency is applied to software you have developers focusing in the happy path for the requested feature (the goal) thinking they'll come back to the petty details once they have something working. Now, pair it with a manager working exactly in the same mood (focusing on the requested feature to be in the wild, and then the next, and the next after that) and you'll understand why the corner cases, documentation, etc. get never done.

In fact, this human tendency is so strong that not even the developers, which are the more "rational" part in the equation have been able to reach the obvious conclusion to all their pains: leave the happy path till the end and you'll never have a manager pushing your mock-up without proper error checking, logging, documentation and what not into production again.

Comment Re:Improved UI or just changed UI? (Score 1) 175

"Do any genuinely objective metrics exists for office suite user interfaces?"

It shouldn't have to be too difficult. Just give a test document to a bunch of users and ask them to type it. Average time to type, typeset, etc. goes up or down? How about average deviations?

Want to go beyond that? add some instrumentation: how much non-typing time takes for people to put a text in bold? how much time between mouse-button clicks? how many clicks per hour? how many chars typed per hour?

Want to go even beyond? Use eye-tracking to see where the eyes stay their time. It is in the text? in the menus?

"But they don't say how that's measured. "

Ah! that's a different issue: one thing is how difficult is to gain objective metrics from an UI, another one if these people have in fact taken objective metrics.

Comment Re: title (Score 1) 332

I hate to burst your bubble, but Hong Kong does belong to China [] since 1 July 1997.

Hong Kong was LEASED to the UK as part of war reparations after the British government sent it's army in to support their drug-running citizens.

The Chinese refused Britain's requests to extend the lease when it expired. As was their right, under the contract they agreed to - at gunboat point - 150 years previously. They were under no obligation to take Britain's opinion into account, or any opinions of the inhabitants.

Did people not READ the fucking contract, or delude themselves into believing that the state of the world was different to what they wanted to believe it was?

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 560

Shouldn't people be engaging the PARKING BRAKE when parking the vehicle. You know - the one that utilises a straight mechanical linkage to the brake shoes, without any input from the vehicle. As if (shock! horror!) it were the DRIVER's personal responsibility?

Wouldn't that be ballistic?

Automatics are freaky. Having to tuck your left foot under the driver's seat to avoid trying to operate the clutch - very weird.

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