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Comment Re:there is no Apple AV group (Score 5, Informative) 409

The current version downloads and installs itself. No human interaction required besides viewing an infected webpage. Don't confuse the "viruses are impossible to get on a Mac" crowd more by trying to make them learn the subcategories of malicious software. The fact it was originally a trojan that required the admin password to install versus the drive by installer requiring none is something more for the academics quibble about, not the end users.

Granted, this is /., so it's academics and fanboys anyhow >.>

Comment Re:The Trouble with Ignorance (Score 1) 279

Used properly and as required, it's all great stuff. The problems occur when directions aren't followed, the wrong drugs/chemicals are used for a given situation or stuff gets diluted for the sake of cost. When I go to the doctor with a basic cold or flu, I usually have to request that they don't give me antibiotics. It's usually a surprising request, but happily met. So yeah, AC-san, you're right, but so am I.


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