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Comment Re:Oracle doesn't care about developer people (Score 2, Informative) 336

I have to disagree. I remember reading the mailing lists when StarOffice was first open sourced. The developers of StarOffice had a very closed source approach to development, and outsiders were not encouraged whatsoever. You'll notice the leaps and bounds taken by LibreOffice - from all the way to improving the build tools to improving the code base.

That wasn't an Oracle issue, but a StarOffice development issue.

Comment Re:IMHO Apple is becoming a scummy advertiser (Score 1) 193

That's not cruel. My aging mother in law, who doesn't speak English, signed up to one of these deals the other day. She had no idea what she was signing, but she wanted the man to go away.

I immediately called the power company and demanded to speak to someone to cancel the control. Which I can do, because we have a 10 day cooling off period AS LAW in Australia. No commission for scum-sucking salesman. A total waste of their time.

Comment Re:Just keep calm... (Score 1) 1059

The US has done the isolation bit before, and found out the hard way you're part of the world, and if shit goes badly, you're getting bombed or torpedoed or whatever, whether you are involved or not, and whether you were at fault or not.

Citation needed.

As the original author of [citation needed], consider this a [citation provided]!

Comment Re:BASIC (Score 2) 709

OO has, time and time again, led to more bloat and more confusion due to so much abstraction rather than direct commands. Want to reuse code, here's a thought, use copy/paste. Having to find objects and then discover their methods is a waste of time, a rich api with built-in ready to run statements and functions that only require simple plug-in values is the way to go.

Oh that's right. Copying and pasting is FAR more efficient. Cause when you find a bug in the original code, there's nothing easier than locating all the spots where you copied and pasted that code to make similar modifications.

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