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So yes, some of the "rising 3rd world countries" like india and guatemala have some credit available but nothing close to the US where someone can buy a house on credit or get credit cards with limits that grossly exceed their annual income.

Wrong. Loans for purchasing homes have been available in India since forever. I live in Kolkata, India, in an apartment bought with money borrowed from one of the largest banks. The borrowed amount was about 6 times my annual income when I took it, about 5 years ago.

+ - 10,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings of Possible Aliens Found in India->

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t_ban (875088) writes "The Times of India reports that Indian archaeologists have recently discovered cave paintings in the village of Charama, in Chattisgarh state, cave paintings depicting what looks very like modern visualisations of aliens and spaceships. Natives of the region traditionally talk about the mythical 'Rohela' people who supposedly came down from the skies and carried off villagers and never returned them. The pictures are bewilderingly similar to Hollywood / Pulp magazine depictions of the same. Are the pictures modern fakes? Did aliens really contact ancient Indians? Or are the paintings purely imaginary, in which case there must be something in the human imagination that favours a certain type of alien visualisation?"
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Disclaimer: I have no formal knowledge of Maths and Physics beyond high school level.

I understand Einstein disliked the untidy nature of particle physics and the Standard Model, and wanted to discover an elegant, geometrical explanation for quantum phenomena. Is the current discovery a step in that direction?

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