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Comment Mobile data (Score 1) 204

hi, what is the deal with mobile data cost? why is it so high? what is the difference from say a Houses land based Internet? why do you accept the cap as a user? is the money they bill you going back into the network or jest invested into the next major "G" number (3G,4G,5G and ect.?)

Comment Re:Right (Score 3, Informative) 128

AMD really it was about tightening up communication's between the C.P.U. and ram by having the Memory controller on die (L2 Cache level of the 2nd core of the am2 athlon x2 processor but it must have been there before that because of the single core processors before dull core became a thing.) so it could effect amd computers back to 2005 ish. does that even sound right?

Comment Vm's (Score 1) 384

not really, what your really talking about is "doing the right thing". what i mean is that a short cut would be to connect everything to a network and basically brake the security of the Air Gap, also your idea may fail because the VM software will have to do Time Sharing with the limited cores of your laptop. witch at time may make some vm machines look like they are Frozen. and also Even Ram maybe a issue two. but good luck anyways.

Comment You guys don't get it (Score 1) 259

I would not ether unless I had a tech support call about a x showing up when the guy pressed the r key... This really about ASCII codes. The person who created it thinks 1. NSA is focued on U.S. keyboards (as it is the English standered each key is mapped to a ASCII code so if you mix up those codes and send all your e-mail in HTML where the codes are mapped to the letters then your safe 2. NSA is so big and working on so many streams of info that the amount of work it would take to create a single system to work on the font that few will use its pointless. (apple effect for hackers) Also NSA is looking most likely for keywords this will not set off any of those.

Comment issues with linux and things that need to be fixed (Score 1) 135

honestly the idea of linux is perfect but how it's done is completely bad... when it comes down to it... really linux is a hack job between everyone who is programing for it. we need a central force to unify all the distro's and get them under one tent... kernal,gnu... all the little peaces of Linux . honestly if i am reading the tea leaves right Valve software is thinking that way... every time we have a fight in the linux world we "tree" off and split the community's to a point now that each group hates each other and will not work with each other for the betterment of Linux. are values are the same but we using different ways to get there and we are fighting to be come the "leader" of linux the gold slandered distro. and who is winning this war? Microsoft and apple, that's another mess Apple using Free BSD as there tool to destroy All of linux and with are free tools like apachi... we should fight Apple harder then anyone else. in 2 to 5 years Valve software's linux will be Boss and it's because all there dev. will be in house, well tested and clean, no more comand line for common taskes. set top boxes and standered hardware for most. that's how i see it. and microsoft will still be the big fish in the sea.

Comment old with new (Score 1) 338

i do a lot with music and i been playing around with rack based sound gear and i see a lot of old stuff like: the shure PSM 900 the antenna uses BNC connector, also have a Tube Pre Amp the tubes are from like what the 40's? (even to old for me to admit the full history) and things like TRS cables and XLR been around forever. don't even get me started on cisco they still have a console port that uses a rollover cable and a db- 9 (com port) on the other end... so you new network admin's better spring for that db-9 to usb adapter. even like x86,tcp/ip and ect. are still in use... net admins learn about the history in one class and use it the next.

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