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Comment: virtual labs (Score 1) 393

by t35t0r (#33181810) Attached to: Forget University — Use the Web For Education, Says Gates

The quality of online education could improve even more when virtual reality labs can be used at low cost. Even then, actually working with lab equipment (bio/medical or engineering) adds greatly to the curriculum. Some of these things are just way to expensive for the average person to purchase.

Comment: Re:This (Score 1) 325

by t35t0r (#32490496) Attached to: HP Gives Printers Email Addresses

It could, but only within the organization since I can setup email printing to only accept from certain email servers within a range of IP addresses. Within an organization it's easy to find out when someone is abusing something, and when that does happen there are consequences for that person within that organization. I'd have to blame the admin for leaving this wide open to the whole world.

Comment: youtube: xplane on 24 monitors on ubuntu (Score 1) 262

by t35t0r (#32486450) Attached to: One Video Card, 12 Monitors

xplane on 24 monitors on ubuntu out of one box, but I think this was using 4 of the 6 output eyefinity cards:


Assuming that the 6 output cards use 2 card slot spaces each, then you'd have 8 used. It looks like this HD5970 uses 3 slots so you could still only get two of these cards into that same system. If you could get one more rear slot to be available you might be able to fit 3 of these cards into one machine and you'd get a 36 monitor output (each monitor at 1920x1200). You could have a 9 (*1920) wide by 4 monitors high (* 1200), which is about 79.1 megapixels . Or you could do a 6 x 6 .


The Desktop Security Battle May Be Lost 389

Posted by kdawson
from the deploy-the-tinfoil-hats dept.
Trailrunner7 writes in with a Threatpost.com article that begins: "For years, security experts, analysts and even users have been lamenting the state of desktop security. Viruses, spam, Trojans and rootkits have added up to create an ugly picture. But, the good news is that the desktop security battle may be over. The less-than-good news, however, is that we may have lost it. Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of WhiteHat Security, said Thursday that many organizations, particularly in the financial services industry, have gotten to the point of assuming that their customers' desktops are compromised. And moving forward from that assumption, things don't get much prettier." It goes on to speculate about home routers being targeted and infected.

Study Shows People In Power Make Better Liars 265

Posted by Soulskill
from the practice-makes-perfect dept.
oDDmON oUT writes "MSNBC is reporting that a Columbia Business School study shows those who hold power over others make better liars. According to one of the study's coauthors, 'It just doesn't hurt them as much to do it.' For the average liar, she said, the act of lying elicits negative emotions, physiological stress and the fear of getting caught in a lie. As a result, she added, liars will often send out cues that they are lying by doing things like fidgeting in a chair or changing the rate of their speech. But for the powerful, the impact is very different: 'Power, it seems, enhances the same emotional, cognitive, and physiological systems that lie-telling depletes. People with power enjoy positive emotions, increases in cognitive function, and physiological resilience such as lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Thus, holding power over others might make it easier for people to tell lies.'"

Google Reported Ready To Leave China April 10 176

Posted by kdawson
from the so-he-says dept.
A number of readers including tsj5j and bruleriestdenis wrote to alert us to this CNET story: "Google is expected to announce on Monday that it will withdraw from China on April 10, according to a report in a Beijing-based newspaper that cited an unidentified sales associate who works with the company. 'I have received information saying that Google will leave China on April 10, but this information has not at present been confirmed by Google,' the China Business News quoted the agent as saying. The report also said Google would reveal its plans for its China-based staff that day."
Hardware Hacking

Mario Reduced To 8x8 With Open Source and Arduino 94

Posted by timothy
from the demand-2-by-2 dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "The open-source Arduino electronics platform has received a ton of attention from the hardware enthusiast community. And one more follower is joining the fray — Mario himself. The mustachioed plumber of console video game fame has been converted into an eight-by-eight LED matrix by Carnegie Mellon University student Chloe Fan. However, the game isn't quite the Mario you know from your legacy Nintendo Entertainment System. For starters, it's just lights. While one often sees the game's LED-backed grid used in devices like the open-source Monome, where it can function as a push-button toggle for music beats and effects, Fan's version of Mario uses the grid as a display only. Mario — or rather, a one-light representation of the game's hero — is controlled NES-style through the use of two buttons. One button makes Mario move forward; the other makes him leap into the air."

Xerox Sues Google, Yahoo Over Search Patents 202

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the yet-apple-walks-away-free dept.
gnosygnus writes "Xerox Corp has sued Google, Inc. and Yahoo, Inc., accusing them of infringing the document management company's patents related to Internet search. In a lawsuit filed last Friday in the US District Court in Delaware, Xerox said Google's Web-based services, such as Google Maps, YouTube and AdSense advertising software, as well as Web tools including Yahoo Shopping, infringe patents granted as far back as 2001. Xerox seeks compensation for past infringement and asked the court to halt the companies from further using the technology."

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