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Submission Details about the HTC Evo One leak out->

An anonymous reader writes: Today, images and specs of a device that will be named the HTC Evo One leaked out. This phone will be similar to the design on the original HTC Evo, but with a much larger screen, and updated hardware. This phone runs on Sprint's network, but that still has yet to be seen whether it contains a LTE radio or not. It most likely does, considering that even the original Evo contained a 4G radio(albeit, the 4G contained in the Evo was a WiMax 4G, and not LTE, but WiMax is still a form of 4G). On the front, there is a 4.7 inch, 720p display. It is running Android 4.0.3(Ice Cream Sandwich), with Sense 4.0 over the top of that. Additionally, it will have Beats Audio(as with most of HTC's high end phones do), and a 8 MP back facing camera. Click on the slideshow to the left to see pictures of the device, or just click here(the link here is
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Submission Google Unveils "Project Glass"->

redletterdave writes: "Google unveiled one of its secret projects from the Google X laboratory on Wednesday, called "Project Glass." Using pieces of smart glass and a heads-up display (HUD), Google's wearable solution mixes communication technology like social networking, calling and texting, with real world elements like people, places, and things. When it all comes together, "Project Glass" creates a type of meta-reality, or "smart" reality. A video explains all of the eyeglasses' features, including calling, getting directions, setting reminders, social networking, and picture and video recording."
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Comment Re:Blame PHP. Blame JavaScript. (Score 1) 87

I'm not saying there is. I was just replying to the blanket statement by the parent that all PHP sites are crap. If you keep your freaking WP and PHP install up to date and practice due diligence with standard security practices there's not that much to really worry about.

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