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Comment Re:free stuff (Score 1) 84

Are you nagging about "hardware support for cutting edge"? No, really? You do realize that this all depends on the manufacturers being retards and not releasing specifications, right? When the BIOS is based on hacks to make Wind-Blows work, and when manufacturers prefer to keep their specifications to themselves, or only share it with microsoft retards, we can't do shit. Do you think programmers shit out specifications for a new hardware that they just bought? Do you realize how hard it is to reverse-engineer a complete blob of compiled drivers for windows? So again, wind-blows users don't have a problem there since everything is MADE to work with their retarded shit. Apple sticks to a very limited set of hardware in order to avoid that specific issue. No wonder they also use EFI instead of the backward BIOS. I really don't see why Linux users have to take the flak for all that retarded shit going on. We might as well start manufacturing our own open hardware..

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