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Comment Re:Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 1) 136

In Vegas (been there 3 times since the Uber ban lifted) the Uber fare was half of the taxi fare.

I could not take Uber to the airport as they were still restricted as of Sept 24th from going to the airport. (Some will still go there, but will remove their decal before doing so.)

However, from the Embassy Suites on Swenson to Mandalay Bay, MGM, Paris, and Cosmo... the fare was almost exactly half of the taxi fare.

Comment Re:Now that was cool! (Score 1) 65

Palo Alto's themselves are not that complex. The interface is an interesting attempt at being usable, and it's getting better. What I thought was interesting about the PA node was how many connections to Apache products it has. That makes me think that people are not happy with using Panorama to view/manage the logs and run reports against the logs.

I can sympathize.

Comment Re:Simplistic (Score 1) 385

Not all of their emotions are faked. The disinterest and disgust... the ennui of having to hear the same jokes and clumsily flirtatious lines. Boredom.

The humor at your excuses when you fail to perform. The humor and disdain as you fall for their "passionate" SFX.

I don't know if a robot could replicate all of that.

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