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Comment: Re:Now that was cool! (Score 1) 64 64

Palo Alto's themselves are not that complex. The interface is an interesting attempt at being usable, and it's getting better. What I thought was interesting about the PA node was how many connections to Apache products it has. That makes me think that people are not happy with using Panorama to view/manage the logs and run reports against the logs.

I can sympathize.

Comment: Re:Simplistic (Score 1) 385 385

Not all of their emotions are faked. The disinterest and disgust... the ennui of having to hear the same jokes and clumsily flirtatious lines. Boredom.

The humor at your excuses when you fail to perform. The humor and disdain as you fall for their "passionate" SFX.

I don't know if a robot could replicate all of that.

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 78 78

Umm... Same principle. Females are not taking as many courses in programming, therefore there are not as many of them to hire. Once the gender quota is reached then the market may have twice as many domestic programmers as they have currently. It won't actually work out that way due to price signalling causing people to change jobs or avoid the discipline altogether.

At the end, they reach the same outcome. More laborers equate to lower wages for all.

I'm never afraid to compete, I've always been at the top of whatever I do and competition just makes this stuff more fun. However, for people that are not obsessed with their jobs, and performance of such, this will suck. Over time, the industry will likely calcify as people with less patience for mediocre programmers influencing the flow of creativity in a project find other ways to fill the void. This will likely change the methods of development and delivery.

Whatever the case... The H1B bullshit is about lying motherfuckers. It has nothing to do with fear of competition, it's about playing fair and by the rules. If the rules need to be changed, let the Congress critters voice those concerns and reap the rewards.

Comment: Re:Privacy? (Score 3, Informative) 776 776

Actually, that's funny. For instance, I happen to have moved (recently) to a predominantly white suburb that boasts a very large and well rated school system.

The schools in urban baltimore spend almost twice as much per student. Adjusting for cost of living/doing business this would still leave a considerable +55% buffer on expenses. Given that the school near us boasts 15 languages with 4 yr programs and a football stadium larger than most universities, I am baffled as to what the BWI schools are spending their money on.

1. Meals?
2. Material costs due to vandalism?
3. Security procedures due to higher studentstudent violence rates?

After reading the budget and balance sheets, one of the significant differences that I noticed were property taxes... I don't have time to calculate the percentage affecting each student, but it seems ironic to find that the schools themselves are victim to the same pressures that spur some households and businesses to relocate outside the city.

Comment: Re:From Micro-Soft (Score 1) 323 323

GWB is about as poor an example of a sociopath as you can muster. There are quite a few documented cases of impromptu empathy.

You can hate the machine, you can hate the politics, but don't hate the person. It narrows your mind and cheapens your thoughts.

Bill Clinton is a little closer (as in harder to find impromptu, unexpected empathetic responses), but that's because he polished himself up earlier and better.

Yes, I realize it's a spectrum. I also realize that there are jobs where you are required to shed empathy in the role, or at least a large portion of it. Any job where you hold fiduciary responsibility, for instance, as it may be proven that you didn't act in the best interests of the stakeholders and might be held liable. At that point, you have to ask "What is the exposure?" of a decision.

Another excellent example, military leaders: The reduce their feelings to win tactically, or strategically... but I've known a lot of battle tested Marines, none of whom was a sociopath. In fact, when the boots and utes come off... I swear to god you couldn't find a bigger bunch of shit talking softies....

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house." -- George Carlin