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by XanC (#47475263) Attached to: X.Org Server 1.16 Brings XWayland, GLAMOR, Systemd Integration

Well, you see:

The systemd integration finally allows the X server to run without root privileges, something in the works for a very long time. The non-PCI device improvements mean System-on-a-Chip graphics will work more smoothly, auto-enumerating just like PCI graphics devices do. As covered previously, GLAMOR (the pure OpenGL acceleration backend) has seen quite a bit of improvement, and now works with Xephyr and XWayland.

Comment: Re:What moron puts IPMI public facing? (Score 2) 102

by XanC (#47283631) Attached to: Supermicro Fails At IPMI, Leaks Admin Passwords

I was asking about this on the OVH forums just the other day, in fact:

Our IPMI are actually configured on a private network separated from Dedicated Servers network using a private VLAN for all the IPMI traffic fully secured via our network equipement.

There is two way you can access the IPMI connection:

1- Over a Java applet which generate and send you a .jnlp file valid for this session only. (This method let you use keyboard and mouse)

2- Over a webrowser via Serial over LAN that use a temporarly generated user valid for this session only.

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