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Comment dumped my cell phone provider (Score 1) 237

I recently dumped my cell phone provider becaues they wouldn't disable my voicemail, that used to be disabled until they "upgraded" my service. Voice mail wouldn't be so bad with a web interface, but I could only get messages through that annoying phone interface. I've always viewed voicemail as one technological step past fax machines. Disclosure: 64 year old computer professional

Comment revisionist bullshit (Score 1) 786

Really, I never once considered what was going on in hollywood when I started playing with computers in the late 70s, nor did any of my friends. The women I did know who got into it got into it for the same reason they got into chess and maths and DnD and all other geek activities.

Comment Re:Passwords died in the 80s (Score 2) 383

In the 80s we didn't even bother with passwords, okay maybe by the late 80s. And every machine on the network had an IP that was directly on teh internets. As for this article, it's yet another example of how stupid people, even the intelligent, are when it comes to passwords. Who the fsck writes down a dizzying array of passwords? I know about 5 passwords off by heart at any given time, and use a password manager and an encrypted database to hold all of my passwords. Of course, without 2-factor auth those lists of passwords are seriously dangerous and that, dear humans, is where the danger lies. If anyone manages to crack my passowrd manager or my encrypted database, I'm fscked. Okay, let's hear what the folks have to say about this age old problem.

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