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Comment Re:So, I actually don't understand this. (Score 2) 143

"1) You have a tank with no Hedgehog add-on. It rolls up to a hedge. it is a heavy tank. Because it's heavy, it pushes forward and crushes the hedges underneath it. or not."

"Or not" is correct. The tanks, heavy or not, could not push forward and crush the hedges.

They needed hedge-clippers.

Comment Re:"Odlanor" is "ronaldO" backward (Score 1) 68

"Tobor...The Eight Man" was the intro, or something like that. I was fairly young when I first saw that, and was might pleased when I figured out the puzzle. Saw it on UHF with the other Japanese cartoons. That, Speed Racer and Kimba.

On a semi-related note, I thought the mouth moving with no voice, and visa versa, was funny. Many years later, went to Japan, and turned on a TV. There was a dubbed John Wayne movie. We laughed, then got bored. Their idea of a John Wayne voice did not appeal. So we turned down the volume and made our own dialogue. Good times. MST3k in the 70's!

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