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by sysrammer (#48366641) Attached to: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crashes

"You know, when the complexity of a problem is growing exponential, even if you could use all the energy in the universe you will not able to solve it. That is the point."

I believe that I read that before the end of classical physics, things were getting very complicated. It took various theories--electo-magnetism, relativity, quantum mechanics, etc--to make sense of the experiments that were being done at the end of that era.

Similarly, we're now trying to resolve relativity vs. quantum mechanics. I believe that the complexity that we have now is due to the fact that we have to reconcile two theories that don't match "reality", and today's experiments have complex results, and when the answer to life, the universe and everything is found, and a new unified theory supersedes modern physics, a lot of the theoretical complexity will go away.

I expect it to be less than two centuries for that to happen.

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by sysrammer (#48306127) Attached to: Japan's Annual Nuclear Drill Highlights Problems

If you're not zapped by the primary blast of radiation, the next thing to defend against is inhaling radioactive dust. While skin can provide some defense against radiation, the lungs have no defenses at all. "Hunker down until the dust settles" is a good defense. If I remember my old training correctly, it should be relatively safe to come out after 7 days.

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