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Comment Re:TVA. (Score 1) 60

Yeah, I immediately thought of TVA, too. I believe Hoover Dam was also socialistic make-work for the masses, too. Or a quest for resources to grow population and business in the southwest US. Or something.

from wiki...
"The Fall-Davis report cited use of the Colorado River as a federal concern, because the river's basin covered several states, and the river eventually entered Mexico."

Fwiw, I don't think a project like this would fly nowadays.

Comment Re:Looks promising (Score 1) 26

My wife is a candidate for SCS right now, or some type of spinal fusion. She wants to avoid the fusion, of course, but is not sure that SCS is worth the trouble. One Dr. made a comment that doing SCS first can make it more difficult to do a fusion later if it doesn't work. We're following up on that.

When you say "mixed results", is it a case of sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't? Is it predictable as to when it might work and when not?

thx, sr

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