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Comment Re:Anyone named Kennedy? (Score 3, Interesting) 533 533

The people complaining are always the wealthy land owners thinking their property values will drop, which has been proved false. I live and fish on Lake Erie. Lake Erie is very shallow and is a perfect place for a wind farm. The structures would create reefs that would support aquatic life and would improve sport fishing. The fishermen, DNR, and environmentalists were all for the wind farm. Idiots over in Cleveland tied to electric utilities protested a wind farm would lower property values and destroy aquatic life. It's always the people with the most money can make their opinion loudest and drowned out the truth.

Comment The 1st job of IT/IS is lobbying management (Score 1) 211 211

The 1st job of IT/IS is lobbying management. How many times was the project reviewed by State IT/IS professionals? How professional can they be if they can't even review a project for the most basic needs? How professional can Northrop Grumman be if they don't even notice a missing basic need in there analysis? This is just another example of the expense of outsourcing and no one being responsible for any IT/IS function. With the unemployment rate and 500,000 IT/IS professionals out of work, the US needs to start hiring in IT/IS to save money to offset their losses from outsourcing. I taught a lot of IT/IS security and none have info security jobs. With all the data stolen in the US, no one hires security.

Comment Re:Mature? (Score 1) 186 186

I also agree. Aren't tennis, baseball, bowling, and boxing adult type entertainment? My opinion is that the M rated titles for the Wii are more teen oriented entertainment. This goes back to the: "Who are hardcore gamers?", question. I think that the sales numbers show that Nintendo hit the market on the head, as they should as the only one of the 3 that make video games as a business, not OS or electronics. Nintendo nailed the major purchasers: adults. They buy consoles for their children to pay kid's games and games for adults to play and left the teen "hardcore" gamers, a smaller market share, to the other 2. Nintendo won because they understood their customers better.

Comment Novell knows what they are doing (Score 1) 113 113

Remember MS stole AD from Novell and destroyed WordPerfect with nasty marketing lies. Novell knows MS can not be trusted in any way.
SUSE has only made Novell stronger. MS can never open up their huge bundled DOS or pay their taxes. If MS sent 4 engineers, then they're going to have to hire because that over half of their staff. Remember Ballmer told the EU that MS only has 500 employees and almost all of them are salesmen or attorneys.
Novell knows exactly what is going on and like most collaborations with MS today, they will take what they can get and give nothing. Can you really fit 16 engineers in cubicals and the racks in a quarter of a 7-11? Sounds like Intel Research Centers, only larger with more engineers. Someone has to answer the phone. With that number of servers, we're talking a ton of blade centers.
If it's a trap, knowing MS, it's a fire death trap to kill of a couple Novell engineers without have to pay for anti-freeze.

Submission + - Getting free legal music->

An anonymous reader writes: Although the RIAA's efforts are proving to have limited effect in deterring copyright infringing music downloads, it's still worth knowing about places which offer free music for the asking which is entirely legal. Webupon has a nice list of five here
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Submission + - Nintendo 2007 2nd quarter financials


Top Ten Discoveries of the Mars Rovers 176 176

eldavojohn writes " brings us the top ten discoveries of the Martian rovers that landed there in 2004. They were expected to last three months but, as Slashdot has covered time and time again, they have lasted over three years. From minor discoveries about the formation of Mars to images of atmospheric phenomena, to final and definitive proof of a Mars with water, these two robots have definitely reserved themselves a place in the history books. Pending a dust storm, they may not even be done with their mission yet."

Submission + - DIY Linux-based Digital Music Server

An anonymous reader writes: This article describes how to build your own silent, fast, eco-friendly Linux-based PC for use in the living room. The PC is based on a high-end Via mini-ITX board, passively cooled Serener case with heatpipe cooling, Debian Linux, and a little creative embedded elbow grease. Topics broached include the tradeoffs in building vs. buying a digital music server; digital music listening system architectures; hardware assembly with heatpipe cooling; Debian Linux installation from USB; OS customizations to maximize boot flash longevity; and, getting started with open source client-server software for digital music playback.

Feed Engadget: Crimson / black DS Lite for sale in America?->

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Alright kids, no more complaining that Canada gets all the good stuff. 'Course, all of us North Americans still have a bone to pick with Japan and South Korea, but that's another story for another day. Apparently, the crimson / black DS Lite that snuck up on us last week at Future Shop has made its way south to the US of A -- or at least, it had. According to DSFanboy, GameStop had the specially colored bundle (which included Brain Age 2 but sadly omitted the carrying case) listed on it's website for $149.99, but now it seems that the item has been yanked. Keep your eyes peeled Americans, it ought to pop back up in due time.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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Feed Engadget: Apple runs down iPhone battery basics->

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Unhappy with your iPhone's battery life? Want to make sure you don't have to send it in for the dreaded $80 replacement surgery? Fear not, Apple's posted a completely obvious guide to getting the most out of your mobile. You know, amazing little tricks you never thought of, like putting it to sleep with the sleep / wake button when you're not using it. Don't worry, Apple says, "You will still be able to receive calls and text messages while it is locked, but nothing happens if you touch the screen." Sweet.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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