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Comment: Re:Lawyers win-win (Score 1, Interesting) 372

by sys.stdout.write (#32118422) Attached to: Canonical Explains Decision to License H.264 For Ubuntu
I'm sorry, why shouldn't we reward people who come up with a novel compression algorithm?

In any event, they only get it for the next 18 years. And in all likelihood, someone will come up with a better algorithm in the mean time.

I've never really understood the anti-intellectual property sentiment on Slashdot..

Comment: Re:This is why I only play D&D (3rd ed.) (Score 1) 471

by sys.stdout.write (#31827792) Attached to: <em>StarCraft</em> Cheating Scandal Rocks Korea

You *must* farm for Vespene gas. you *must* collect crystals. There is little room for true creativity and adventuring. There is little room for true creativity and adventuring.

I can't tell if I'm being trolled or not.

It's an RTS. Comparing Starcraft to RPGs is apples to oranges. That's like criticizing chess because you *must* move your pawn or *must* move your knight.

The real question in all this is whether Starcraft 2 is hackable or not.

Comment: Re:Who reads The Economist? (Score 4, Insightful) 386

by sys.stdout.write (#31786270) Attached to: The Economist Weighs In For Shorter Copyright Terms
The Economist is actually one of the more thoughtful news periodicals, in my opinion. Moreover, having a non-American perspective is very nice for those of us who get a majority of our news from American sources. The political coverage is especially enlightening, as it manages to transcend the Democrat / Republican talking points in a way that not even the New York Times or Wall Street Journal is able to.

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