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Comment Symptom (Score 1) 256

So under-representation of BMEs and women in large tech company is the symptom. What we need to understand is the cause. Encouraging companies like FaceBook to address the issue is one approach and given their resources one that might bring about change. Perhaps Facebook could target bright kids in certain communities with fellowships and the like - try and encourage more to engage in a tech career?

Comment Reasonable (Score 4, Insightful) 214

The dossier – called UFO New Religious Movements and the Millennium – was drawn up in response to the 1997 mass suicide by 39 cultists in San Diego known as Heaven's Gate.

Given that cults with a somewhat "sci-fi" approach to their idiocy exist it seems fair game to, at the very least, think through possible scenarios and plan accordingly. This is surely good disaster planning, certainly logical. What has happened here, it seems, is that someone has suggested regular "trekkies" are the real risk to garner attention and to sell someone's book.

Comment Re:Royal Mail - Doing it in London years ago (Score 3, Interesting) 117

Here you go. My understanding is that London is full of all sorts of tunnels built for various purposes. From the huge Victorian era sewage system to the London Underground and various utility tunnels. Chatting to engineers, one of the issues they have building anything in London is that often you'll encounter some uncharted tunnel. Odd though this may sound, I have exploring London's underground tunnels on my bucket list.

Comment Great (Score 0) 148

Wasn't this the first fictional program to premier worldwide simultaneously? I think it is kind of a shame that this globally shared event has been spoiled. When Armstrong first put his foot on the lunar surface it was watched across the world. Recently people write and complain if a shuttle launch interrupted their TV schedule. We are a miserable species - can't even hold back and wait for a fictional show about flying reptiles and chilly landscapes.

Comment On your keyring (Score 1) 446

For only a few GBs? I have one of those tough memory sticks as a keyring for my car keys. On there I have a few encrypted containers that hold the stuff I would like immediate access to should disaster strike. Plus most valuable photos, etc.. This does not mitigate the daily backups to various locations, obviously. But I figure that if there is a disaster then I will mostly likely want to drive away from it and will have with me that really important stuff.

Comment Fickle (Score 2) 111

Personally, I like Tag Heur watches. But I would not buy a Tag smart watch. The reason is that in spending a decent sum of money on a watch you are hoping to get a time piece that will last. Tags just about fall into that category, certainly going by resale prices. Why would you spend money on a watch whose insides will become defunct in a few years? It makes zero sense. I would much rather buy a cheap watch that I am comfortable throwing out in a few years, if at all.

Comment What? (Score 2) 75

$10B?! I find this utterly staggering. Mostly because I cannot imagine karaoke being that popular. Second, because most of this, as far as I know, happens in bars. Who would buy/download karaoke for personal use? What is more, why is this a target for the police when there are plenty of other, and larger, trackers out there? Nothing in this story makes any sense.

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