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Comment: Re:What good is aid going to do (Score 1) 196

by symbolset (#47934485) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response
This strain of misinformation is not helpful. Doctors are human all over the world. They make mistakes when they are on a long shift without sleep, making do with limited resource, doing their best against an insurmountable terror. Just imagine dedicating yourself to a life of saving lives and thrust into a situation where no matter what you do 60% of your patients are going to die. Struggling with all your might because even that is four times the survival rate without modern medical treatment. And yet outside your clinic are guards who turn away more desperately ill people than they let in, and more every day. This is the reality. In the US you are proud of our first world medicine? Try to access that care when any kid with sniffles can be carrying a disease that kills doctors. You will find that a lot of doctors in the first world can afford a long sabbatical.

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