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by symbolset (#46759947) Attached to: Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket
Verizon stopped in return for wireless spectrum. Google is accelerating at an exponential rate. They are hiring salespeople in NYC now. They were slow to start because it takes time to grow this sort of business organically, but is was important to do that to avoid the old thinking buying an existing cableco would bring with it. Once they have a solid org and process there is no reason not to grow by acquisition. It may happen faster than you think.

+ - PowerVR "Wizard" GPU Is First Mobile Gaming GPU With Hardware Ray Tracing->

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An anonymous reader writes "Imagination Technologies, the people who make the PowerVR line of mobile GPUs, have unveiled a new mobile gaming GPU ("Wizard") that does realtime ray tracing in hardware, at gaming frame rates. It has long been predicted that 3D games would eventually begin to employ true ray tracing to create computationally expensive visual effects like realistic reflections, refractions, shadows and lighting in realtime games. The PowerVR "Wizard" GPU is the first mobile GPU that can do just that in hardware. It remains to be seen how many commercial game engines, game development studios and mobile games will decide to make use of this new interesting new hardware capability. The question whether rival GPU manufacturers like Nvidia or AMD will also jump on the ray tracing bandwagon and put hardware ray tracing units in their future GPUs is also open at this point. If the hardware ray tracing trend catches on, however, and the hardware needed for it becomes mainstream, and more powerful in time, it could make for interesting virtual experiences like "true photoreal VR" when used in conjunction with a VR headset like the Oculus Rift for example."
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And while we are at it we could reclaim the thermal energy of those spent fuel ponds. Dammit there is no reason not to exploit that free energy just because it is lower intensity than the main reactor. Adapt the binary cycle systems used in next-gen geothermal and turn those BTUs into watts!

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Admiral Rickover is generally seen as the father of commercial nuclear power. He pushed the boiling water designs scaled up from successful navy submarine reactors. The idea was "now is better" and "damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!". Maybe he was right at the time, but that was 60 years ago. Now we have all this spent fuel from his reactors and we have to do something with it. We could bury it now at horrific expense. Or we could use it as input for breeder reactors, burn up the uranium and difficult mid-halflife actinides generating 200x the power we have got so far and then bury what's left at horrific expense. No mining, mining injuries, mining environmental costs or fossil fuel usage because our mine is the dangerously overfull spent fuel cooling ponds of boiling water reactors.

A lot of people in these threads have accused me of being anti-nuke because I don't want more boiling water reactors. I am not anti-nuke, I'm anti-stupid. We have more spent fuel than we will need for 100 years. I don't see any need to make more of it until we have a plan for what to do with what we have. IFR solves that.

In fact, breeder reactors enrich Uranium so well they can feed themselves and all the boiling water reactors too, so we could shut down mining right now and not mine another gram of natural uranium for 100 years. Enriched uranium is a natural byproduct of a breeder reactor. It is almost free! How is that for solving two problems (or eight) at once?

The downside is we wind up with a bunch of plutonium, some of which NASA needs, and the rest can be securely buried with less risk of than the wastes we already have.

I like the thorium thing too - a reactor that can only fission while you radiate it is a nice safe design. The traveling wave thing holds promise too.

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