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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 3, Insightful) 197

Except that you need to track their consumer Windows versions in order: Windows 3.1 - Good, Win95 - Bad (Then OK with SP2), Win98 - Good, WinME - Very Bad, WinXp - Good, Visa - Bad, Win7 - Good, Win8 - Bad Bad.
(Don't put WinME out of order and don't mix in Win2k if you aren't also going to include Windows NT)

Submission + - Intel Updates NUC Mini PC Line With Broadwell-U, Tested And Benchmarked (

MojoKid writes: Intel recently released its latest generation of NUC small form factor systems, based on the company's new low-power Broadwell-U series processors. The primary advantages of Intel's 5th Generation Core Series Broadwell-U-based processors are better performance-per-watt, stronger integrated graphics, and a smaller footprint, all things that are perfectly suited to the company's NUC (Next Unit of Computing) products. The Intel NUC5i5RYK packs a Core i5-5250U processor with on-die Intel HD 6000 series graphics. The system also sports built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, M.2 SSD support, and a host of other features, all in a 115mm x 111mm x 32.7mm enclosure. Performance-wise the new 5th Gen Core Series-powered NUC benchmarks like a midrange notebook and is actually up for a bit of light-duty gaming, though it's probably more at home as a Home Theater PC, media streamer or kiosk desktop machine.

Comment No vacation days, just take time off as needed (Score 2) 331

Nobody will abuse a time off policy where there are no vacation days and time is taken as needed. If it is abused it can be addressed by the performance review process.

I always understood how that will stop employees from abusing the "as needed" vacation policy.

I never understood what will stop the employer from abusing it. Until now.

Comment Re:Riiiiight. (Score 2) 233

You are very correct re. the difference between a RT operating system and not RT. That has nothing to do with Sync specifically or infotainment in general.

Sync does not have any control over engine management, traction control or any other safety critical system (and neither does any other infotainment system). Not sure about Sync, but typically you cannot even update safety critical systems from the infotainment system. An infotainment system may have read-only access to report "interesting" data, but that's all.

There is no need for your infotainment system beyond responding to the UI and performing the tasks you need, just like your phone, etc.

Comment No immunity! (Score 1) 515

The individual officer(s) involved cannot be immune from civil lawsuits!

The individual officer(s) involved cannot be immune from criminal prosecution!

In addition to facing EXACTLY the same criminal charges that any other individual who performed the same actions would face, the officer(s) should be individually subject to a civil suit just like any other individual. Once a few officers have been bankrupted and are facing garnished wages and liens to settle court judgments then they will suddenly find a way to avoid taking the offensive and illegal actions.

And should those in charge persist, they will find their tacit acceptance and hints (never orders, because that would be wrong) are falling on deaf ears.

Comment Re:If you can't write in cursive (Score 2) 523

How do you "sign your name" is the same thing my "luddite" teacher in 9th grade asked when I was the first person in the school to turn in a paper from a word processor. I "printed" my signature and he didn't like it, but he didn't have to.

He, and now you, are the only ones to ever care.

So who is the luddite? Have you ever used a word processor?

Comment Re:So how much power will this use? (Score 1) 212

OK, I'll give you that: in order to be a logged in user or to post comments, the connection should be encrypted. But there is no reason I should need SSL just to view the page. One could argue that on an unsecured connection, I could be shown content that didn't really come from the slashdot servers. But I don't trust anything I get from slashdot anyway.

Comment Re:So how much power will this use? (Score 1) 212

Indeed, there is a lot of traffic on the web that has no need to be private. This slashdot page for example. But encrypting communications takes extra CPU cycles, and extra CPU cycles take extra energy, and will require more servers. Sure there is a lot of web traffic which should be encrypted, but the rest of it shouldn't be, for the sake of the environment and for the sake of that battery powered device in my pocket.

Comment Google's Paypal (Score 2) 105

I spent a lot of time coding a good checkout solution that worked with Google Checkout, so I was pretty mad when all the work I did went down the drain when they discontinued it. I was fortunate to had already integrated Paypal and Amazon checkout before it was discontinued, so the business impact was pretty small.

But it did teach me to be 10 times more careful when investing time to integrate with a third party platform.

But this also shows an interesting trend away from APIs and "Mashups." 5 to 10 years ago, providing an API for your startup was considered an essential way to promote your platform by having it integrated all over the place. I suspect too many developers got burned in the way that I was with Google Checkout, and stopped trying to "mashup" APIs to the point where there was no longer much benefit to provide them.

Comment Re:Why dislike something you know nothing about? (Score 0) 928

Definitely a system-wide approach VS a semi-random collection of various ways to do things all tacked together (which is, frankly, what most Unix and Unixlike systems are, through survival of the fittest).

And you assume that nothing like systemd has ever been tried during that survival contest?

The systemd approach has always failed to survived. Multiple times.

Through "survival of the fittest' that collection has proven to be the fittest. It is just painful that we have to try a failed approach, again.

Henry Spencer: Those who don't understand Unix are doomed to reimplement it, poorly.

Comment Pelican case, water cooled, external radiator (Score 1) 202

Somebody mentioned a pelican case. That (or similar eg NEMA 4 or 4x) is a good start. But if you cannot get the heat out of the case it doesn't take much power to cook a PC even at -5C exterior temperature and at 30C it takes very little added power.

It sounds like you are talking hundreds of watts. So you need to make it entirely liquid cooled. This means everything that would normally have a fan -- processor, video card, chipset, and power supply. In addition you will likely need a fan in the enclosure to prevent hot spots, and if that isn't enough you'll need to liquid cool those hot spots.

At this point you should be thinking about submerging all the electronics in an oil tank and circulating the oil thru the radiator as your coolant. (Use light mineral oil, because it will get thick at -5C and you may have to heat it so it will flow thru the lines!) Mineral oil submersion will also protect the electronics against condensation.

The radiator will need to be outside the pelican case. It will most likely need a fan at 30C, so you should use an automotive or similar fan with a proper temperature rating range. Also mount the coolant reservoir externally so you can check the level and fill without opening the enclosure.

If not mineral oil, the cooling system will need to be filled with something to provide freeze protection below your lowest low temperature. (Antifreeze, various alcohols, sugar water, etc.)

The pump will likely need to be controlled to run very slowly when temperatures are cold. But -5C should be okay for everything except perhaps fans and mechanical hard disk (so use SSD). For a less power hungry PC or colder temperatures you might need to insulate the case. If the PC must start when cold -5C is probably okay but you may need to provide auxiliary heating to warm it up to maybe 10C before powering the PC (almost certainly required if using mineral oil or at temperatures colder than -40C, but perhaps at -10C or even at -5C depending on your equipment). You can heat the air in the enclosure but heating the liquid in the cooling system is more efficient if it will thermosiphon within the enclosure. You don't want to pump coolant thru the radiator while trying to heat it.

Mount the equipment without penetrating the case. Keep all electric stuff up as high as possible off the bottom of the case. Condensation or leaks will puddle at the bottom and you want to keep the gear out of that puddle.

Make the cooling, power and connectivity lines come out the bottom of the case (to prevent puddles from slowly seeping in) thru liquid-tite cable glands (to keep out bugs and lightly pressured water). A drop tube around the exit (or each exit) will help protect against high pressure water jets except for a direct stream into the end of the tube. You might also like a valve in the bottom of the case. You can open the valve and if liquid runs out you need to take down and service the system. Do not make any other case penetrations.

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