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Comment: Re:I'm surprised we aren't hearing more from the b (Score 1) 562

by sydbarrett74 (#48843911) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications
Don't be surprised. I assure you that Billy Badass CEO has all of his communications suitably encrypted, and if he's ever charged with a crime, the authorities will probably 'lose' the device with data needing decryption and say they don't have any evidence to hold him. No, the target for this is the little guy. The people in power are always protected and excused from having to comply with those pesky laws foisted upon hoi polloi.

Comment: Re:Why bother? (Score 1) 421

many of the engineers I encountered adopted an almost Scandinavian lifestyle of working to live instead of living to work.

What's wrong with that? The vast majority of the planet has a far healthier work-life balance than we here in the US have. Time to take your blinkers off.

Comment: Re:No, it isn't. (Score 1) 222

by sydbarrett74 (#48639737) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

Hmm... She's managed to gain the trust and support of enough people to get into the position she's in.

One could say the same about Carly Fiorina. That didn't stop her from destroying HP. It doesn't logically follow that, just because someone is hired for a certain position, s/he is actually deserving of or qualified for said position.

Comment: Re:Let's Just Be Honest (Score 1) 343

I agree with everything except the telecommuting bullet-point (with which I am in *qualified* disagreement. My qualification is that working from home should be OK, but only on company-issued hardware, with the restrictions you listed (e.g., disabled USB ports) and I would add the use of something like a Sonicwall connected downstream from your home ISP's gateway.

Comment: Re:So perhaps /. will finally fix its shit (Score 1) 396

by sydbarrett74 (#48623687) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites
How about the fact that some analyst over at the NSA may take note of the fact that you might like to read articles critical of said three-letter agency and make a note to flag it for future analysis? By knowing what kinds of articles you like to read on Slash, various intelligence and law-enforcement agencies can compile a lot of blackmail material if you were ever to prove a nuisance down the line.

Comment: IT pros absolutely *should* get overtime pay (Score 1) 545

by sydbarrett74 (#48542695) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?
In fact, only people at the very top of the income distribution should be exempt from overtime pay -- think A-list actors and professional athletes. The vast majority of workers should be paid overtime. *cue bullshit libertarian arguments about how this abrogates free-market capitalism*

Comment: End rush hour! (Score 1) 454

by sydbarrett74 (#48453919) Attached to: In a Self-Driving Future, We May Not Even Want To Own Cars
Hopefully the phase-in of autonomous vehicles will bring about an end to rush-hour. It's a ridiculous misallocation of resources to have major arteries clogged maybe four hours of the day and underutilised the remaining 20. And all because most businesses cling tenaciously to anachronistic 8a-5p 'business hours' in many parts of the Western world. Flextime and telecommuting should be the rule. The whole convention of set business hours is about nothing more than the PTB controlling the lives of the unwashed masses.

Comment: Re:So in other words . . . (Score 1) 46

by sydbarrett74 (#48179203) Attached to: Microsoft's JavaScript Engine Gets Two-Tiered Compilation
Agreed. And the fact that IE12 will have a new extension engine finally puts it at feature parity with Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft is getting back in the game, and Apple seems to be coming out with ho-hum, me-too tweaks of existing products rather than anything truly new. Stuff happens in cycles. That's what keeps things exciting.

Comment: Re:SSE2 and NX (Score 1) 215

by sydbarrett74 (#47718277) Attached to: New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices
Who on earth would be trying to run a modern release of Windows on pre-2003 hardware, anyway? Stuff of that vintage is only useful for historical curiosity, or at best running a stripped-down Linux distro. Given that CPU's that old had a horrible power/performance ratio, it would be cheaper in the long-run to spend the couple hundred bucks on newer equipment.

Comment: Hierarchy as correlated to division of labour (Score 1) 254

by sydbarrett74 (#47667797) Attached to: The Benefits of Inequality
Hierarchy goes hand-in-hand with specialisation of roles in a society. Even in a hunter-gatherer society, the more physically endowed were hunters whilst the frailer members of the band gathered or engaged in child-care; even in pre-agricultural times, larger groups certainly had various factions even if they viewed other factions as peers. As agriculture took hold and a warrior caste developed, the more physically-armed members of society (or those were were under the protection of such) could keep the rabble down via the threat of violence.

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