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Comment: Re:Even worse - extensions == "chmod +x" ?!? (Score 1) 564

by sydbarrett74 (#49187491) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions
Why does it have to be either-or? Simply leverage MIME somehow (or another global repository of filetype metadata) and have a filename extension that specifies the filetype, for backwards compatibility for OS's and file systems that don't support a global filetype metadata infrastructure. The metadata solution, of course, would be the canonical and more trusted of the two.

Comment: Re:fees (Score 3, Interesting) 391

Yeah, I remember those days with Cavalier DSL here in Richmond, VA. There was a fault in my circuit (laid in the 1920's) and Cavalier placed a service request with Verizon, who sat on it for weeks before I finally had to get the State Corporation Commission involved. Wonderful times, indeed.

Comment: Re:I'm surprised we aren't hearing more from the b (Score 1) 562

by sydbarrett74 (#48843911) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications
Don't be surprised. I assure you that Billy Badass CEO has all of his communications suitably encrypted, and if he's ever charged with a crime, the authorities will probably 'lose' the device with data needing decryption and say they don't have any evidence to hold him. No, the target for this is the little guy. The people in power are always protected and excused from having to comply with those pesky laws foisted upon hoi polloi.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?