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Comment Re:The browser wars are over (Score 3, Insightful) 140

Some, maybe even most, of the Vivaldi developers' experiments will fail miserably. What counts is that they're shaking things up slightly, and that's a good thing. With Firefox and Chrome increasingly becoming a mutual admiration society and MS Edge looking like it'll end up just as shitty as its predecessor, another player in this horse-race might effect some positive changes.

Comment Get rid of reality TV (Score 1) 307

I think the axe should be taken to all of these 'reality' shows. Sure it's cheap for the networks because they don't have to pay professional actors or writers. But is society really served by watching a bunch of housewives sitting around debating what shade of polish to paint their toenails when they get their next pedi?

Comment Re:The elephant in the room (Score 1) 176

[sarcasm]Yeah, because when sodomy and cohabitation laws were on the books, people always complied with them.[/sarcasm] People have always cheated on their spouses, had children out of wedlock, engaged in covert homosexual flings, &c. You just didn't hear about it as much because people didn't have 24/7 media. or the ease of discovery that we have today in an always-connected world. Don't for one second delude yourself that people today are hornier than our ancestors were. Placing these atavistic laws back on the books would only force such behaviour back underground. Sex is one of the most powerful forces in existence; legislating it away is futile and counterproductive. A little bit of trivia for you: guess what region of the United States experiences the greatest rates of out-of-wedlock births, STD's, pornography viewing, and other phenomena? That's right, the Deep South (one such citation here), which is the most socially conservative part of the country, with the highest levels of religious observance. What we need in order to stem the tide of children born into less than optimal conditions is more access to contraception and non-abstinence-based sex education, not chastity belts. Abstinence-only approaches are an unqualified disaster, and I suspect are advocated by either hypocrites or people who just plain don't enjoy sex and want company in their misery.

Comment Re:The corps are in danger as well here (Score 1) 319

You're talking about a war where the 20% are outnumbered by billions.

If the 20% are armed with nukes, or an engineered virus the antidote to which only they possess, they can make short work of the remaining 80%. Sure, in the case of tactical nuclear strikes the bombed areas may be a no-man's land for several decades, but after that all those pesky proles are no more of a nuisance.

Comment Re:Robots create jobs (Score 1) 319

I needed some work done for a kitchen. They standard rate was between $100hr - $150 an hour.

The owner of a plumbing business may be making six figures. A plumber who is an employee of such a business is most certainly not making that much. And for the owner, that six figures is gross. After paying labour (most plumbers seldom work solo and have at least one apprentice on staff), insurance, taxes, &c., his net is probably significantly lower.

Comment Lack of oomph (Score 1) 688

In America at least, electric vehicles have the stigma of lacking in acceleration and power -- and historically this was true. Americans like their vehicles to be Bad Ass(tm), mighty machines whose roar you can hear from miles away. Despite the fact that Tesla vehicles, for example, have plenty of 'get up and go', it will take a while for the reality to displace the conventional wisdom.

Comment Re:Money is speech (Bernie Sanders) (Score 1) 233

It is precisely because the wealthy have a disproportionate say in public affairs that our country is so badly governed and largely deaf to the needs of the many. Being wealthy doesn't make you a superior human being -- it just means you know to make money, or you were born lucky, or you're a sociopath. I have a quotation to rebut yours: 'Love of money is the root of all evil.' How do you like them apples?

Comment Re:Money is speech (Bernie Sanders) (Score 1) 233

Yes, this means, that people with more money will have an advantage. No, I don't see, how this is automatically a bad thing.Let me guess: you're Roman Mir under another sock-puppet account. You think that being rich is a virtue in and of itself and so is selfishness. Why don't you pull your head out of Ayn Rand's arse?

Comment Re:Welcome to Fascist America! (Score 1) 413

Like Reagan started out as a democrat, presumably because he cared about people and favored social reforms.

His being a Democrat had nothing to do with caring about social reform. Reagan was a Democrat because Hollywood actors have historically pledged allegiance to that party. His switch to the Republicans came about because Nancy's stepfather, Loyal Davis, was a prominent arch-conservative, and Reagan wanted to curry favour with the man.

Comment This puts lie to the argument... (Score 1) 235

...by conservatives that charities are necessarily more efficiently at allocating resources than government. Diseconomies of scale are inherent to any firm of sufficient size. The major problem with any organisation is scope creep: straying from the core mission/purpose and taking on more tasks, doing them all poorly.

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all your time.