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Comment: Just to be Clear... (Score 1, Insightful) 93 93

You can spend hundreds of thousands at a state or Ivy League college getting a useless degree, have giant debts, end up on food stamps, and Obama doesn't care.

But if you spend the same at University of Phoenix or ITT Tech and have the same result, Obama gets his panties in a wad.

So the lesson here is that money should only be wasted on government approved institutions.

Comment: Re:I'm not American so why would I care? (Score 2) 131 131

It helped a lot that King George the Third was probably sick with Porphyria at the time as well as having his hands full with much closer and more powerful enemies than the cocky Americans.

Don't forget they came back not that much later and thoroughly kicked our asses.

America and Britain will always be allies. At least if they get their Islamic immigration under control.

Comment: Re:The programs listed are mostly old (Score 3, Informative) 193 193

I just spent a week recovering from surgery. I had a big screen TV and a high end Time Warner Cable package available.

Absolute Fucking Crap

500 channels my ass...250 regular and 250 dups with High Def

One movie channel ran the same 4 fucking movies all weekend....except after midnight and before ten, which were all fucking sham-wow commercials.

Books. No commercials and better resolution.

Comment: Re:Well lah-dee-dah (Score 2) 268 268

I suspect this altruism won't last long.

With in a year his credit card and auto debt will become a burden and he'll keep everything for himself.

If he gets out of that, he'll meet some girl and then the money will be sucked out of him again.

THEN, he'll get her pregnant and end up paying nearly $250,000 until they turn 18...more if he's a real Dad and pays for college.

So just take that money and put it into a Roth Account or something.

Comment: Re:Oh no... you mean... (Score 5, Insightful) 292 292

The Demise of polling could be the best thing that ever happened to US Politics.

It would remove an essential tool from the typical two faced campaign tool chests. You can't just say what people want to hear when you have no idea what that is.

Comment: Re:If you've got nothing to hide (Score 5, Insightful) 609 609

And the only people with raised eyebrows are the ones that contract private transportation, much of it with "enhanced safety" and specially trained drivers.

It's like some dickwad whining about people having guns yet has armed guards on the payroll.

Comment: Not buying it (Score 1) 164 164

An airliner on approach or in the patter is not going to see a typical consumer drone unless it hits the cockpit. They are doing 200MPH in the pattern and at least 100 - 120 when landing. Drones are too small and you are not going to see just one. Hell, it's hard enough to spot light aviation aircraft.

The control freaks just want a reason to restrict these things for whatever reason...knee jerk reaction to people being able to do what the Government others from the sky.

Then there's Diane F. That bitch would ban butter knives if she could.

Comment: Irrelevant (Score 3, Insightful) 272 272

We have no delivery system, no fire control system, probably no software to guide it to the object, no information on a nuke's impact on the object, etc.

It's like trying to decide if you should keep that 105 howitzer shell around when you have no gun, no one trained to use it, and no way to target anything with it.

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