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Comment eSOX (Score 3, Informative) 189

I think you may be overlooking one thing...eSOX or equivalent policies.

Company assets have to be partitioned. You can't have people that are not trained and/or not accountable for data/hardware messing with stuff. Auditors for the Government and various Standards organizations (ISO this or that) look for these things. For instance, as an "Administrator" for our Manufacturing software, I can change master controls and permissions. But I cannot actually use the software to do anything like create POs, print Invoices, etc. and that is it should be.

I am also in the approval chain for granting access to shares...but I ultimately do not have access to any of the shares (except mine). What's in them is none of my business and outside the scope of my duties, so eSOX and similar policies say I should be locked out.

If you have someone who can do anything they want to anything they want, you are setting yourself up for a disaster.

Comment Re:The emails were not 'born classified' (Score 1) 303

The very fact that an email originates from the SoS means that it is at least potentially classified.

It is HER dutyto mark it as such if it contains sensitive information. Are you saying that she is too stupid to recognize classified information? So if some source tells her that Iran will be attacked at X hours, she can send that inform over plain email because, "it wasn't marked classified"?

Comment Re:Summary sucks (Score 2) 345

The measure of "reasonable enough" is whether the sales can support the fixed costs required to maintain the line and related infrastructure. That includes part sales, maintenance, refurbishment, etc. These things aren't like toasters.

Only Boeing knows how long the 747 will continue to be manufactured. And they certainly know better than some hack from the UE who has a hard on for Airbus.

Comment Old Programmers Vs Young Programmers (Score 5, Informative) 242

If you want a mobile client to send 180 character messages out to millions of people, hire a young programmer,
If you want your networks to support messages going out to millions of people, all the time, every time, hire an old programmer.

If you want a really cool interactive website where employees can manage the benefits and see how much is in their 401k, hire a young programmer.
If you want your payroll to run and people to be paid accurately, every time, all the time, hire an old programmer.

If you want a fancy game, hire a young programmer.
If you want a system to manage the business that sells the game, hire an old programmer.

If you want an employee that sees stuff as fun toys and re-invents the wheel at every chance, hire a young programmer.
If you want an employee who understands that this is a business and that people's livelihoods depends on it being right, all of the time, hire an old programmer.

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