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Submission + - No code from Mr. Ballmer

Coolhand2 writes: "Well, it's now May 1st. I haven't seen any code coming from Microsoft proving that Linux users are violating any Intellectual Property. According to, all his claims can now be seen as null, void and meaningless at the end of this day, and till the end of time."

Submission + - Microsoft didn't showed the code?

sybesis writes: "A story was posted some times ago. More precisely the February 24 Mr Ballmer,Show us the code, this story was about Microsoft claiming that Linux was violating the Microsoft intelligence property. explain more what is all about and well the deadline of this open letter was today. And Microsoft didn't showed any line of code that was infringing their intellectual property.

So what's next, what should be the reaction of the Linux community facing an enterprise that try to spread false rumor and do unfair activity against our so cute operating system?"

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