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by swv3752 (#48083845) Attached to: Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

A year ago I bought a Volt. In the month prior I did a bunch of research on electric cars. Six months later I was still getting ads on Leafs and Volts. Those ads seemed fairly pointless as I already owned a Volt. I find it happens a lot that I look for a certain product, then after I buy it, I will get ads for that product. Except for items that I buy regularly, then I never see an ad.

Google, when I buy a bathroom scale, I am no longer interested in hearing about bathrooms scales two weeks later. I buy tea regularly, why do I never see an ad for tea.

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by swv3752 (#47785463) Attached to: Coffee Naps Better For Alertness Than Coffee Or Naps Alone

AC is full of crap. There is no sugar; sucralose is used for a sweetener. One could argue that sucralose and preservatives are toxic, but everything else is mostly vitamins, amino acids and caffeine. Seems to be a better option than chugging a soda or Red Bull.

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OK, then maybe we should go the other extreme. Lets take Kennesaw, GA- or

Every head of household is required to own a gun. Their crime rates, including murder, are down across the board. Morton, IL that took the opposite route banned all Guns, and has had increased crime rates.

Then there is Switzerland, with the majority of households owning a gun. They have a murder rate of .7 (.52 for murder by guns).

So maybe the answer is to have everyone trained and own a gun. After all, everything is on the table.

Or maybe we should look into curing our social ills. Removing guns from law abiding citizens does not remove them from criminals and case studies show that it emboldens criminals. I agree, we need to do something, taking away guns is not the answer.

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About the only way to get open standards is to use FOSS. There are also benefits that will spur the local economy as proven with the recent story on Munich. Plenty of FOSS projects are best of class. It is not just about up front costs or installation and configuration. What are the ongoing support costs? For a given number of servers, it usually means more Windows admins that Unix/Linux admins. Unix/Linux can do more on given hardware than Windows. When Microsoft transitioned Hotmail from BSD to Windows Server, they had to more than double the amount of servers to achieve the same performance.

Plenty of Government uses FOSS-
There are even more undocumented cases, but I am not at liberty to divulge that information.

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Or go the Red Hat or SUSE solution. For RHEL, you buy an rhn subscription and use Satellite, or go free and use CentOS and Spacewalk. On SUSE use SUSE Manager, it will manage Red Hat as well. One could use Spacewalk to manage SUSE as well.

Satellite is reported to cost $10000 but that is a flat fee, not a per client based license. So for Munich with 15000 clients, that is way cheaper than other options including Microsoft. SUSE says that SUSE manager is up to 50% cheaper than Satellite.

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