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by swv3752 (#46695371) Attached to: Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP

There are several accounting solutions out there, just a quick search found:

Her is a list of replacements for AutoCAD:

Besides GIMP there is Krita and Cinepaint, and GIMPshop provides a Photoshop like interface. GIMP does have plugins if one needs CMYK. Inkscape does Vector Graphics. Scribus is more of a replacement for Illustrator.

There were some lack of features years ago. The options have matured since then.

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I have a Volt. Regenerative braking means the brake pads are not worn as much. I have a gasoline engine (more realistically a electric generator though there is one usage scenario where it provide direct power to the wheels), that requires an oil change between 1-2 years. The noise difference of not having the engine running when on battery is amazing. My batteries are warrantied for 8 years. I am not real concerned about the batteries. Finally, go out and find an unsatisfied customer of the Volt. The Volt has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

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MIT allows one to take your code and do what they will, including wrapping it up in a proprietary license. GPL requires that if one takes code, makes changes and distributes, they need to make the sourceof thsoe changes available to those they distribute the compiled or source code to. An example of taking MIT licensed code is what Microsoft did with BSD networking code and kerberos. The changes Microsoft did to BSd to make it work in Windows are lost to the community, including any potential bug fixes and security improvements. MS took kerberos and made it incompatible with the Open Source offerings.

The other issue is that if you mix GPL and MIT licensed code, the whole thing becomes GPL.

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I had this with my Gas Utility company. I can only see the last couple of digits of credit card. The worst someone could is pay my bill before I am ready, or see how much gas i am using. Why do I need to use a 16 character alphanumeric case sensitive password that requires multiple special characters. I work in IT and have to maintain strong passwords, even on government HIPAA systems, and the gas company is more stringent.

I have ended up setting up an auto-pay and have not touched the account in two years.

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But if the overwhelming consensus is negative, how do they continue to gain new clients?

Because they actually have a good database product....

Yeah, it's called MySQL.

I have professional experience dealing with Oracle, both on Solaris and Linux, including Oracle RAC and working with MySQL Clusters. Oracle works well enough, but I would rather have MySQL.

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Don't know about Coffee, but it does make a nice cup of tea or Hot Chocolate. For me it is a convenience factor of not having to wait for water to boil, then watch a tea bag so it is not over/under brewed. I pop in a pod and hit a button, then let the dog out, and come back to a nicely brewed cup of tea. If my dog takes a bit long, worse case I come back to a cup of tea at the perfect drinking temperature (which means I need to drink the tea fast before it gets too cold) as opposed to over brewed tea that is too bitter. My dad has one too and drinks Coffee, but instead of a pot a day, has 1-2 cups. He still grinds his own beans, but now can limit his intake without a lot of waste.

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