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Submission + - Traffic throttling legal in Canada

swordgeek writes: Canada's CRTC ruled today that Bell may continue throttling internet access to its customers, including downstream resellers of the service. This is a major setback to the Canadian Association of Internet Providers, who brought the complaint forth that Bell's throttling violated their guaranteed service with resellers. The president of the CAIP was quoted as saying, "This is a licence for the carriers to continue to interfere with the consumer's use of the internet."

The CRTC also announced that they will be investigating the general issue of throttling, with an outcome expected in 2010.

Submission + - Unexpectedly bright comet appears in night sky

swordgeek writes: Comet 17P/Holmes, a relatively obscure and dim object has suddenly flared to be literally a million times brighter than it was two days ago, going from below magnitude 14 to 2.8 in less than 24 hours. It is just outside of the constellation Perseus, which puts it high in the sky and ideal for viewing at this time of year. The comet is now readily visible with the naked eye, and remarkable in binoculars or a telescope. This is a completely unexpected once-in-a-lifetime event, so get out your finest optics (even if it's just your eyes) and go comet watching! No one knows how long this will last, so grab the chance while it's there.

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