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by swilver (#46541499) Attached to: Facebook Introduces Hack: Statically Typed PHP

Java has had quick edit/reload cycles since there was hot code replacement. If you see Java developers recompiling / restarting their entire project every time they make a change, then unfortunately they just don't care enough and/or are incompetent.

For projects that I'm assigned to, the first thing I look at is making sure the turnover time is below 10 seconds.. if it isn't, I fiddle with it until it is. And yes, that works for Facebook sized websites as well.

They invented a square wheel to go with their already mediocre Volkswagen. Meanwhile, languages designed statically to begin with are looking at more important issues that crop up half a dozen iterations further down the road.

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by swilver (#46199501) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?

Well, perhaps why are we still using text-only to code?

We're not.

However, we're also not burdening the compiler with all this crap anymore -- it is expected you load such resources on demand instead of including it with your code in order to keep the memory footprint reasonable (just imagine the intro movie of some big game being part of its base code).

It wasn't always that way. Assemblers would often have directives to directly include a file as binary as part of the code. C did away with that (although converters for binary files to something a C compiler can understand exist). More new fangled language like for example Java allow you to just include the resources in a zip file (jar file) and load them on demand with a very simple construct.

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by swilver (#46078641) Attached to: New Russian Fighter Not Up To Western Standards

And this will make a return.

Kamikaze drones will win the next major air engagement, as they're cheap and there's no human cost involved if you lose one. I don't understand why countries even bother with the F-35 or anything similar. Build an expendable drone that can outfly anything with a human pilot in it -- can even make it stealth if you really want to bother with it.

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by swilver (#45913753) Attached to: Why Do Projects Continue To Support Old Python Releases?

Add one extra line at the top of a python script, identifying which "dialect" it is. If it's not there... then its 2.6. I know shell scripts already have a mechanism for that, but it kinda breaks down when new incompatible interpreters insist on using the same name.

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Who should receive the putative fruits of economic spying by the government? Private companies? Which ones? In exchange for what? Paid to who? How has that been working out for us?

Ehr, seriously? That's easy. Since paying money for laws is perfectly legal in the US, you give private companies those secrets. Which ones? The ones that pay you the most. In exchange for what? More money of course.

As for how it is working out for you -- it is not, but it is for that elite 1% that owns all those companies.

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