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Comment: Re:Java is not written like other languages (Score 1) 411

by swilver (#49042359) Attached to: Your Java Code Is Mostly Fluff, New Research Finds

No, they don't.

The program language has to be suited for such tools. The better you can reason about a language the better these tools can be, and Java really nailed that one. That's why you can refactor large code bases with it and have some level of confidence that you didn't break something.

Comment: Re:How parallel does a Word Processor need to be? (Score 1) 449

by swilver (#48715883) Attached to: How We'll Program 1000 Cores - and Get Linus Ranting, Again

Yes, and it re-rerenders all the pages as bitmaps at 400% zoom, scales them back down to get proper anti-aliased results, then compresses them with JPEG and stores them into main memory... ...or how about just recalculating the page that you need to display?

Parallel processing is not gonna solve stupidity.

Comment: Re:Clueless article (Score 1) 396

by swilver (#47241197) Attached to: One Developer's Experience With Real Life Bitrot Under HFS+

...and I suppose this silent corruption was verified by reading it into main memory?

My own simple tests (copy 1 TB of data from one place to another) on ECC and non-ECC systems showed quite clearly where the culprit was. Bit error rates of 1 bit/100 GB with the non-ECC system showed the problem clearly.

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