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Comment Why not just shoot the homeless? (Score 1) 200 200

"Bars, pubs and restaurants, I'm told, have toilets."

I'm sorry to see so much hatred toward the homeless. Do you see lots of homeless people in bars ordering $6 drinks? No. College kids, perhaps; and yes they pee in alleys after closing sometimes.

In the US we have liquor stores where people carry out bottles of far more affordable liquids. They rarely allow use of toilets. Yes, we have lots of homeless who drink, but we have many more who do not drink. Many who don't do drugs. Many who are simply way down on their luck or need medical attention.

Even sober people have to pee; and those areas where homeless people (men, women and children) end up won't offer a proper facility. Don't be an asshole- homeless people often have no other option.

Comment Re: I don't get it (Score 1) 170 170

How quaint. Somebody who thinks that their internet use is anonymous.

If you act as if everything you post can eventually be traced to you and you're wrong, no harm done. If you act as though stuff will never be traced back to you and you're wrong, that's a different story.

Comment Re:I like this (Score 2, Insightful) 106 106

I don't care for this.

Nostalgia has its place (among the aged and decrepit population). This space suit was built by committees and entrepreneurs who did their best to meet the anticipated requirements. A laudable goal. The primitive nature of this space suit is worthy of consideration as we consider future designs, and yet even our future designs fail to fully understand the reality of space.

Yes, this space suit (or a replica) deserves a place in some stupid museum for future earthlings to snicker at, but please--spend your donation dollars to fund a future suit that will protect astronauts of the future.

Comment Re:Fred? (Score 1) 56 56

"Also, why the fuck are you calling brazillians "primitive", you mook?"

I have family there who will read these posts. I take every opportunity to annoy them. Maybe some day they will come back to the US and I can annoy them face to face in the comfort of my home. But I'm happy to insult a few /. readers while I'm at it. (I had to research 'mook'; hey, that's not a nice appellation!)

Comment updates PITA (Score 1) 316 316

OS X and iOS constantly nag users to update system software and user apps. Sometimes an app is really improved, but far more often the update includes adware and other crap. There's no way to know because those 'enhancements' are not mentioned when you are asked to update. It's best to look around for other users who updated and reported on the result--if you have lots of time on your hands...

Comment Re: Skirts are okay. (Score 1) 471 471

Easy way to short circuit this - it's possible to follow their dress code and still look slutty. They want tops with collars? Fine - just don't button thrm up. Curve-accentuating jeans, shoes with clear acrylic heels (the ones worn b Trisha Heffer in Battlestar Galactica were originally obtained for $20 from Walmart). Purple or pink hair, etc. And guys, sporting bed hair all day, every day, should get your ball caps back. And get your kilts - and stay authentic - no tidy-whities.

Some rules are just begging to be broken in specific circumstances.

Comment Re: Stop thinking like a greedy Republican... (Score 0) 85 85

They can't or they would have already realized that there is no incentive to work for free so they can make money. Looks more like they can't afford to keep paying coders, or don't want to. Hey, why not work for me for free and I'll keep any money? No? Gee, not such a hot idea, is it.

I don't think anyone is in a rush to welcome our "All your free labor belongs to us" wanna be overlords.

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