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Comment: Re:Google: Select jurors who understand stats. (Score 1) 333

by BarbaraHudson (#49551843) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

You've proven that you can't write properly - so, what gives you the qualifications to judge potential hires? You don't have the chops to vet the quality of the documentation they generate, people will always wonder if they should follow what you wrote or what you meant, and your many misuses of words will be judged by others, both inside and outside the business, as an indicator of both lower intelligence and lower quality control.

That you can't see this shows that YOUR cognitive toolkit is too limited, and as such, it's defective. Which of course means that your "logic" isn't based on reality.

Again, see Dunning-Kruger, and maybe take a peak at the Peter Principle while you're at it.

Comment: Re:But aren't corporations people now? (Score 1) 9

by BarbaraHudson (#49551813) Attached to: Hillary is still going to be our next president, isn't she?

Sadly, I think most voters are cynical enough to realize that it's common practice for politicians to throw dirt at opponents for the same sins they've been guilty of in the past. "It's nothing personal, just business."

The problem is, cynical voters don't vote. People are getting turned off by all the personal attacks and the drama surrounding them. Usually, both sides have this problem going into the primaries, with people in each party attacking other party members who are also running. That's not happening much with the dems, but with the republicans it's a real mess. If they attack each other they're just giving ammo to the dems, and if they attack the dems they're not giving people a positive reason to vote for a particular repub. candidate

The world has changed since republicans last held office

Public opinion in the United States shows majority support for the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. This support has remained above 50% consistently in opinion polls since 2010, after having increased steadily for more than a decade. An August 2010 CNN poll became the first national poll to show majority support for same-sex marriage, with nearly all subsequent polls showing majority support.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll from February–March 2014 found a record high of 59% of Americans approve of same-sex marriage, with only 34% opposed and 7% with no opinion.

The poll also revealed that 53% of the population in the States that currently do not allow same-sex couples to marry approve of same-sex marriage.

50% of respondents said that the United States Constitution guarantees the freedom to marry the person of one's choice, regardless of that persons's sex or sexual orientation. 41% disagreed, and 9% had no opinion.

The same poll also found that 81% of people found that businesses should not be allowed to refuse to serve gays and lesbians. 16% disagreed, and 3% had no opinion.

78% thought that gay couples can be "just as good parents" as straight couples, while 18% disagreed and 4% had no opinion

So the "christian right traditional family values, marriage is only between a man and a woman" stance is clearly out of step with today's society - but republican candidates can't really endorse these changes, because republicans, with the exception of the 18-33 age group, who are evenly split on the question, would go nuts. So what does that leave to republicans to get support outside the party? Not much, as we saw in Indiana.

Comment: Re:But aren't corporations people now? (Score 1) 9

by BarbaraHudson (#49551659) Attached to: Hillary is still going to be our next president, isn't she?

I would say just look at the two sides. Both sides have the perception that Hillary will win the democratic nomination, even though she just announced. Can you think of any other time that someone who wasn't an incumbent president had a similar situation?

On the republican side, it's a real mess, with too many candidates vying for the same core group of voters. How do you distinguish yourself from the others if you all sound pretty much the same? Nobody stands out, though everyone is sure their candidate will win.

So, maybe it's time for a republican party candidate who doesn't appeal to the dwindling bible-base. Someone with name recognition. Someone who is definitely different. Nominating Ms. Jenner would certainly stir up the pot a bit, and engender some healthy debate. After all, if politics is such a circus, her experience with the Kardashians should count for something.

If only for the lulz ... because democrats would be reluctant to attack her and offend the LGBT and others, and republicans (and democrats) who are stuck in the 1900s would have their heads explode.

Comment: Re:But ... (Score 1) 78

Am I a careful driver? Well, lets see ... over more than 3 decades of driving, including at least a decade as my job, I've never had an accident, so I'd say that yes, others could take a few safety tips.

My original point was this: "Someone seems to have forgotten that using a cell phone while driving is illegal." Even if you're using it as a GPS, unless it's mounted, it's illegal. And I haven't seen a single non-commercial vehicle with a phone mount. People just don't buy them. Those that do are "statistical noise." Ask the cops who give out the tickets. If, for example, you're using bluetooth but you pick up the phone to dial a number, you're dead.

Comment: Re:But aren't corporations people now? (Score 1) 9

by BarbaraHudson (#49550653) Attached to: Hillary is still going to be our next president, isn't she?

It's a non-issue. The republicans simply don't have a viable candidate, or they would concentrate on that instead. Their obstructionist tactics over the last few years hasn't earned them many friends.

Well, there is Bruce Jenner coming out of the closet as a Republican and a regular church-goer ... so that must be confusing to all those people who were saying his story is an example of "left-leaning socialist democrat atheist moral depravity."

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 355

by BarbaraHudson (#49550593) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

You're a bit behind the times. Both Linux and OS X are now more vulnerable operating systems than Windows.

Show me one Linux vulnerability in the last year that didn't require a highly skilled attacker combined with a set of highly unlikely conditions, or rely on the system to be poorly configured. Hell, forget the year limit. Show me one from within the last decade. Good Luck!

I guess you've forgotten about this. Or you can search for ShellShock or Heartbleed. And then there are the kernel bugs that cause race conditions last December, or last May's bug that allows users to get privileged access or do a DoS, not too good in a shared hosting / shared server environment. This bug has nothing to do with a "poorly configured system". It's a flaw.

Here's the security vulnerability list for the linux kernel for 2014, with 133 bugs.

Some of these bugs made the evening news, so I don't know how you missed them all,

Comment: The new analog hole. (Score 1) 261

Play the video repeatedly, using a hi-res camera to focus on a different rectangle of the screen each time. Use the zoomed images to calculate the actual pixel value (since you'll most often have each part of the sensor picking up parts of each pixel and dark space, so you're doing a reverse sub-sampling). Stitch them all together.

Comment: Re:Google: Select jurors who understand stats. (Score 1) 333

by BarbaraHudson (#49547499) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Others have done so. But if you insist ... communications skills are important, nay, essential. This includes creating specs, communicating with customers, etc. Sure, in this context it's obvious what he meant, but (1) in other contexts, we shouldn't have to be mind readers to figure out what he meant instead of what he wrote, and (2) he does not have the ability to judge writing skills in others when he's blind to his own lack of skills, so his self-proclaimed ability to judge the value of future hires has a gaping hole in it.

Unlike his claims, which we cannot verify, we can verify his lack of a knowledge of basic spelling. Now, I did consider that English may not the his native language, but he grokked the "young'uns" reference just fine, which would tend to indicate that his understanding of English is idiomatic.


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